Myth Hunters (2012)


Genre: Na

Plot: Myth Hunters reveals true stories of quests seeking legendary objects – hordes of lost Spanish gold, the Temple of Solomon, the body of King Arthur, the relics of Joan of Arc; objects that offer their finder either unlimited power or wealth - or both. For most of us, these are the stuff of fantasy and movies as seen in Indiana Jones or The Mummy; but these are the real stories of real adventurers who thought these myths were true. These true life action adventures are exciting stories filmed in HD. The series features dramatic reconstruction, expert witness testimonies, specially shot location material and archive footage. Read More



Episode 13: The Quest for the True Cross
Episode 12: The Search for the Crystal Skulls
Episode 11: Raider Ron and the Lost Ark
Episode 10: The Nazis and the Book of Power
Episode 9: The Lost City of El Dorado
Episode 8: The Hunt for the Book of Spells
Episode 7: Himmler and the Holy Grail
Episode 6: The Lost Sword of the Samurai
Episode 5: The Missing 8th Wonder of the World
Episode 4: The Real King Solomon's Mines
Episode 3: The Hunt for Pirate Treasure
Episode 2: The Quest for Noah's Ark
Episode 1: Hitler and the Spear of Destiny