NASA's Unexplained Files (2012)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Dive into the mysteries of some of NASA’s most curious missions and explore stories of engineering achievement and human endurance. Each episode offers first hand testimony from astronauts, NASA mission footage, plus beautifully rendered CGI to bring to life these voyages that reveal unexplained sightings that have dogged many of NASA’s most famous missions. Read More



Episode 6: Secrets of the Alien Signals
Episode 3: The Black Hole Next Door
Episode 2: Aliens vs. Stalin at Area 51
Episode 1: Saturn's Moon Monsters
Episode 7: The Moons Strange Secret
Episode 6: CIA's Secret Revenge
Episode 1: JFK UFO Conspiracy
Episode 6: Did Earth Have Two Moons?
Episode 5: Curse of the Full Moon
Episode 4: The Earth Next Door
Episode 3: A President's Close Encounter
Episode 2: Rise of the Planet Killer
Episode 1: Pluto's Stranger Things
Episode 8: Attack of the Thunderballs
Episode 7: Red Storm Rising
Episode 6: Curse of the Red Planet
Episode 5: The Moon that Disappeared
Episode 4: Ghosts on a Comet
Episode 3: Rise of the Ice Creatures
Episode 2: Return of the Moon Bugs
Episode 1: Pluto Under Pressure
Episode 8: Revenge of the Fireflies
Episode 7: Lethal Weapons
Episode 6: Nazis on the Moon
Episode 5: Did We Nuke Jupiter?
Episode 4: Spacewalk of Doom
Episode 3: Hammer of Thor
Episode 2: Top Secret Terror
Episode 1: Life in Hell
Episode 7: Mystery Space Squid
Episode 6: Mystery Space Squid
Episode 5: Ghosts on the Moon
Episode 4: Interstellar Gold Rush
Episode 3: Black Knight Rises
Episode 2: Alien Death Ray
Episode 1: Shadow Deathstar