New Looney Tunes (2015)


Genre: Animation , Short , Adventure , Comedy , Family

Plot: "New Looney Tunes" (formerly known as "Wabbit. A Looney Tunes Production"), is an animated series from Warner Bros. Animation. The series is a return to Looney Tunes' slapstick-comedy roots. Each episode contains four shorts starring Bugs Bunny as the main character. Read More



Episode 38: Point Duck Percent
Episode 36: Gold Medal Wabbit
Episode 34: Houston, We Have a Duck Problem
Episode 32: The Breezehammer
Episode 10: Valentine's Dayffy
Episode 8: Swine Dining
Episode 6: The Color of Bunny
Episode 4: Tour De Bugs
Episode 2: Bugs the Gladiator
Episode 51: Bugs Over Par
Episode 49: Survivalist of the Fittest
Episode 48: Office Rocker
Episode 47: Pain & Treasure
Episode 46: Coyote.Rabbit.Squirrel
Episode 45: Beaver Fever
Episode 44: Fwee Wange Wabbit
Episode 43: Splashwater Bugs
Episode 42: Misjudgment Day
Episode 41: Your Bunny or Your Life
Episode 40: Oils Well That Ends Well
Episode 39: Computer Bugs
Episode 38: Dust Bugster
Episode 37: Raising Your Spirits
Episode 35: Snow Wabbit
Episode 34: Trunk With Power
Episode 33: Carrot Before the Horse
Episode 32: Grim on Vacation
Episode 31: Bugsfoot
Episode 29: Big Troubles
Episode 26: The Spy Who Bugged Me
Episode 25: Painter Paint Hare
Episode 24: Scarecrow
Episode 23: Bugs in the Garden
Episode 19: Wabbit's Best Friend
Episode 17: Wabbit's Wild
Episode 16: Ice Ice Bunny
Episode 15: Not Lyin' Lion
Episode 12: The Wringer
Episode 11: The Grim Rabbit
Episode 10: The Game Is a Foot
Episode 9: For the Love of Acorns
Episode 6: Leaf It Alone
Episode 5: St. Bugs and the Dragon
Episode 2: Now and Zen
Episode 1: Buddha Bugs