Niko and the Sword of Light (2015)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Family , Fantasy

Plot: A plague of shadows has swept across the land, turning innocent creatures into terrible monsters. One champion remains to battle the darkness and return the world to the light: Niko. Armed with his magic sword and guided by a determined Princess, young Niko journeys to the Curse-ed Volcano to face the evil sorcerer Nar Est and free his people from their magic prison. Read More



Episode 10: The Balance of Power
Episode 7: The Vast Sea
Episode 6: The Caterpillar Train
Episode 5: The Thorn of Contention
Episode 4: Sky Whale City
Episode 3: The Forest of Fangs
Episode 2: A Night in Carondolet
Episode 1: A Day in Carondolet
Episode 13: From the Depths of Despair...
Episode 12: From the Cursed Volcano to the End of Hope
Episode 11: From the Tunnels of Terror to the Den of Doom
Episode 10: From the Peaks of Peril to the Mounds of Mania
Episode 9: From the Shattering Springs to the Clouds of Chaos
Episode 8: From the Cliffs of Catastrophe to the Pools of Destiny
Episode 6: From the Tumbledowns to the Gap of Gloom
Episode 5: From the Sea of Suffering to the Faraway Shore
Episode 4: From the Phantom Woods to the Mountains of Misery
Episode 3: From the Swamp to Sorrow to the Hills of Humiliation
Episode 2: From the Sky Maze of Anguish to the Swamp of Sorrow