Oddities (2010)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Oddities is a half-hour documentary/reality television program which follows the operation of an East Village, Manhattan shop which trades in antiques and other rarities. The show premiered on November 4, 2010, and airs on the Discovery Channel and its sister network, the Science Channel. Oddities focuses on the day-to-day operation of Obscura Antiques & Oddities, and stars co-owners Mike Zohn and Evan Michelson and buyer Ryan Matthew, with appearances by other employees and customers. The store's employees search flea markets, personal collections, auctions, and antique shows for unique and unusual artifacts. Odd items bought and sold by the shop or featured on the show have included a mummified cat, a Rhesus monkey skull, art made from nail clippings, and a straitjacket. Read More



Episode 11: Instant Chimera
Episode 10: Skeletons & Gwar
Episode 9: Music to my Gears
Episode 8: Elephant Skull in the Room
Episode 7: Chic-ODD-o
Episode 6: Jails, Fails & Salem Tales
Episode 5: Don't Get Testis
Episode 4: New Oddleans
Episode 3: Head Shrinking 101 with Ryan
Episode 2: Tongue Tied
Episode 1: Holiday Bizarre #3
Episode 21: Evan's Odd Anniversary
Episode 20: No Guts, No Gory
Episode 19: Brain Bits & Baby Gifts
Episode 18: Lights, Camera, Duck Impaction!
Episode 17: Obscura is Loved to Death
Episode 16: Bat Man & Ryan
Episode 15: Vampires of PhilaHELLphia
Episode 14: Skull in the City & A Two-Headed Kitty
Episode 13: The Mummy Phallus Returns
Episode 12: Slim Goodbody's Anatomical Adventure
Episode 11: A Bugs Afterlife
Episode 10: March of Pangolin
Episode 9: Blood Suckers & Brain Eaters
Episode 8: Heads, Kegels, Knees & Toes
Episode 7: Taking Life by the Ears, Nose & Throat
Episode 6: Skull Camera Obscura
Episode 5: Dummy Drama & Internal Trauma
Episode 4: Mutant Mascot
Episode 3: Return to Holly-Odd
Episode 2: Best Of #2
Episode 1: Holiday Bizarre #2
Episode 21: Mounting Tensions
Episode 20: Keeping Austin Odd
Episode 19: Killer Queen
Episode 18: Meat Mastodon
Episode 17: A Gurney for Grandpa
Episode 16: Heads or Fails
Episode 15: Holly-Odd
Episode 14: Black Magic Woman
Episode 13: The Power of a Grey Skull
Episode 12: Sorceress of Love
Episode 11: The Arsenic Avenger
Episode 10: Seeing Scars
Episode 9: Mummy's Private Collection
Episode 8: Insane and the Membrane
Episode 7: Fingernails and Just for Males
Episode 6: The Smoking Lung
Episode 4: Holiday Bizarre
Episode 3: Ghost Rider
Episode 2: Shot Through the Heart
Episode 1: Edgar's Creation and Robot Relations
Episode 10: Love Stones
Episode 9: Hedgehog Homolog
Episode 8: Piece of Mind
Episode 7: The Horaffe
Episode 6: Edison's Monstrous Creation
Episode 5: Romancing the Bone
Episode 4: Rock Star Embalmer
Episode 3: 3 Little Piggies
Episode 2: Raising The Dead
Episode 1: Shrunken Head
Episode 9: The Chair
Episode 8: Teeth on a Stick
Episode 7: Pickled Pig
Episode 6: Four-Legged Chicken
Episode 5: Mummified Hand
Episode 4: Skull Envy
Episode 3: Spider Prank
Episode 2: The Model Mortician
Episode 1: Mummy Cat