Off The Hook: Extreme Catches (2012)


Genre: Reality-tv , Sport

Plot: Pro wrestler "Showtime" Eric Young is on a journey into the world of extreme and unusual fishing. In the ring, Eric is a competitive fighter with a big personality. But in his free time, he loves to head out on the water to fish. Now, Eric is on a journey to meet and fish with the most unique fishermen he can find. Anglers who are risking it all... for the sake of the catch. Read More



Episode 7: Eric and Goliath
Episode 6: Aloh AAHH!
Episode 5: Kicking Ice
Episode 4: Wickeder Tuna
Episode 3: Land of 10,000 Iceholes
Episode 2: Deadliest Cod
Episode 1: Hawaiian Lu-Ow!
Episode 10: Carpocalypse Now
Episode 9: You Don’t Know Jack … Crevalle!
Episode 8: Go Ahead. Mako My Day.
Episode 7: The Death Race
Episode 6: Beard Gone Grabbling
Episode 5: Skishing Hell Week
Episode 4: Amberjacked Up
Episode 3: Running With The Devil
Episode 2: Sharkamania
Episode 1: Sailfish Smackdown