One On One (2001)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Flex Washington is Baltimore’s sexiest sportscaster who takes on the challenge of raising his sassy 14-year old daughter, Breanna. As Flex masters the art of fatherhood, he discovers his daughter is not afraid to share her opinion on his parenting skills or life choices. Duane, Flex’s lifelong friend, and Breanna’s godfather, is a used car salesman who repels women as fast as Flex attracts them. Spirit is Breanna’s best pal and partner in crime, while Arnaz, a Lenny Kravitz wannabe, remains Breanna’s most devoted fan. Read More



Episode 22: I Love L.A.: Part 2
Episode 21: I Love L.A.: Part 1
Episode 20: Double Trouble
Episode 19: California Girl
Episode 18: The Reel World
Episode 17: Recipe for Disaster
Episode 16: Dump Me? Dump You!
Episode 15: Tijuana Break Up?
Episode 14: Espresso Your Love
Episode 13: Fame and the Older Woman
Episode 12: Missing the Daddy Express
Episode 11: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Venice
Episode 10: Waiting For Huffman
Episode 9: One On One, One Oh Oh
Episode 8: Venice Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Episode 7: Who's The Boss?
Episode 6: Where's My Yemmy?
Episode 5: Study Buddy
Episode 4: Static Clingy
Episode 3: House Dad
Episode 2: Money's Tight And So Are My Abs
Episode 1: One On One Remix
Episode 22: The Graduates
Episode 21: Cap And Frown
Episode 20: Save The First Dance
Episode 19: Glug, Glug
Episode 18: Accidental Love (2)
Episode 17: Accidental Love (1)
Episode 16: Contract High
Episode 15: Rock and a Hard Place
Episode 14: Lock Blockin'
Episode 13: Goodbye, Mr. Chips
Episode 12: Shock Jock
Episode 11: Mojo No Mo
Episode 10: Lost In The Headlights
Episode 9: Who Brought The Jive Turkey?
Episode 8: Daddy's Home
Episode 7: You Don't Have To Go Home...
Episode 6: Manic Monday
Episode 5: Rock The Vote
Episode 4: Dirty Laundry
Episode 3: Follow That Car
Episode 2: Zen Daddy
Episode 1: We'll Take Manhattan
Episode 24: Bright Lights, Big City (2)
Episode 23: The Play's the Thing (1)
Episode 22: Splitting Hairs
Episode 21: The Prodigal Brother
Episode 20: No More Wire Hangers
Episode 19: Sleepless in Baltimore
Episode 18: Cabin Fever
Episode 17: Spy Games Reloaded
Episode 16: He's Not Heavy, He's My Half-Brother
Episode 15: The Catch
Episode 14: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hip Hop World
Episode 13: East Meets East Coast
Episode 12: Dream Seller
Episode 11: It's a Miserable Life
Episode 10: Spy Games
Episode 9: Tears of a Clown
Episode 8: Keeping It
Episode 7: I Hear White People
Episode 6: One Hand Washington's the Other
Episode 5: 2 Young, 2 Curious
Episode 4: PTAmore
Episode 3: Creepin'
Episode 2: Stepmom, Misstep
Episode 1: It's a Family Thing
Episode 23: Find My Wife, Please
Episode 22: Stuck on You
Episode 21: Heart to Heart
Episode 20: Checkmate Daddy
Episode 19: Meet the Parents
Episode 18: I Know What You Did Last Thursday
Episode 17: Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Episode 16: Take This Job and Love It
Episode 15: The Test
Episode 14: The One About Your Friends
Episode 13: Daddy's Other Girl
Episode 12: Daddy, I Don't Need an Edumacation
Episode 11: Everybody Loves Whom?
Episode 10: Is It Safe?
Episode 9: Crappy Birthday
Episode 8: A Fla-dap by Any Other Name
Episode 7: Give'em an Inch, They'll Throw a Rave
Episode 6: Give Me Some Credit
Episode 5: Pop Art
Episode 4: Daddy in Overdrive
Episode 3: Unemployment Up, Pride Down
Episode 2: I Believe I Can Fly (2)
Episode 1: I Believe I Can Fly (1)
Episode 22: He Got Game...Again
Episode 21: Misery
Episode 20: Fatal Attractions
Episode 19: Love Means Never Having to Say I Know You
Episode 18: The Way You Make Me Feel
Episode 17: It's Raining Women
Episode 16: Me and My Shadow
Episode 15: Adventures in Double-Dating
Episode 14: The Case of the Almost Broken Heart
Episode 13: Tame Me, I'm the Shrew
Episode 12: Santa Baby
Episode 11: Thanksgiving It to Me, Baby
Episode 10: Mi Casa Es Mi Casa
Episode 9: Fifteen Candles
Episode 8: Phantom Menace
Episode 7: Playing Possum
Episode 6: Let's Wait Awhile
Episode 5: My Life as a Dog
Episode 4: School Dazed
Episode 3: Radioactive Platonic
Episode 2: Jailbait
Episode 1: When Flex Got Breanna