Only Connect (2008)


Genre: Game-show

Plot: The fiendishly difficult quiz show in which two teams of three contestants have to find the connection between seemingly unrelated clues, where patience and lateral thinking are as vital as knowledge. Read More



Episode 21: Whodunnits v Corkscrews
Episode 20: Polyhymnians v Severns
Episode 19: Barons v Colleagues
Episode 18: Bridges v Puzzle Hunters
Episode 17: Whodunnits v Walruses
Episode 16: Apres Skiers v Polyhymnians
Episode 15: Barons v Dungeon Masters
Episode 14: Sliders v Puzzle Hunters
Episode 13: Whodunnits v Corkscrews
Episode 12: Colleagues v Sandy Shores
Episode 11: Whitcombes v Severns
Episode 10: Ticket Collectors v Walruses
Episode 9: Pilgrims v Bridges
Episode 8: Polyhymnians v Sandy Shores
Episode 7: Apres Skiers v Colleagues
Episode 5: Barons v Whitcombes
Episode 4: Puzzle Hunters v Walruses
Episode 3: Sliders v Ticket Collectors
Episode 2: Bridges v Whodunnits
Episode 1: Pilgrims v Corkscrews
Episode 28: Final
Episode 27: Third-Place Play-Off
Episode 26: Semi-Final 2
Episode 25: Semi-Final 1
Episode 24: Orwellians v Turophiles
Episode 23: 007s v Junipers
Episode 22: Forrests v Choristers
Episode 21: Lexplorers v Suits
Episode 20: Eggchasers v Turophiles
Episode 19: Endeavours v Junipers
Episode 18: Darksiders v Forrests
Episode 16: Orwellians v Turophiles
Episode 15: Endeavours v 007s
Episode 14: Forrests v Choristers
Episode 13: Lexplorers v Suits
Episode 11: Eggchasers v Outliers
Episode 10: Wickets v Electrophiles
Episode 6: Endeavours v Outliers
Episode 5: Eggchasers v 007s
Episode 1: Darksiders v Suits
Episode 15: Brews v Dicers
Episode 14: Pyromaniacs v Time Ladies
Episode 13: Poptimists v LARPers