Only Fools and Horses (1981)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Traders and brothers, Rodney and Derek "Del Boy" Trotter, work from the streets of London buying what they can from the auctions and flogging it down at the market, always saying "This time next year, we'll be millionaires". Their Granddad and, later in the series, Uncle Albert also live in their council flat as the wise old man saying their next scheme won't work and offering in their jokes. Read More



Episode 3: Sleepless in Peckham...!
Episode 6: Three Men, a Woman and a Baby
Episode 5: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle
Episode 4: The Class of '62
Episode 3: Stage Fright
Episode 2: The Chance of a Lunchtime
Episode 1: The Sky's the Limit
Episode 6: Little Problems
Episode 5: Sickness & Wealth
Episode 4: The Unlucky Winner Is...
Episode 3: Chain Gang
Episode 2: Danger UXD
Episode 1: Yuppy Love
Episode 6: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Episode 5: Video Nasty
Episode 4: Tea for Three
Episode 3: The Longest Night
Episode 2: The Miracle of Peckham
Episode 1: From Prussia with Love
Episode 7: As One Door Closes
Episode 6: Watching the Girls Go By
Episode 5: Sleeping Dogs Lie
Episode 4: It's Only Rock and Roll
Episode 3: Hole in One
Episode 2: Strained Relations
Episode 1: Happy Returns
Episode 7: Who's a Pretty Boy?
Episode 6: Wanted
Episode 5: May the Force Be With You
Episode 4: Yesterday Never Comes
Episode 3: Friday the 14th
Episode 2: Healthy Competition
Episode 1: Homesick
Episode 7: A Touch of Glass
Episode 6: It Never Rains...
Episode 5: The Yellow Peril
Episode 4: No Greater Love...
Episode 3: A Losing Streak
Episode 2: Ashes to Ashes
Episode 1: The Long Legs of the Law
Episode 6: The Russians Are Coming
Episode 5: A Slow Bus to Chingford
Episode 4: The Second Time Around
Episode 3: Cash and Curry
Episode 2: Go West Young Man
Episode 1: Big Brother