Ozzy and Jack's World Detour (2016)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: In this new 10-episode hour-long non-scripted series, the self-proclaimed history nerds hit the road in a father-son journey they've waited years to take. There will be no roadies, no tour buses and no boundaries. Just a bucket list of iconic and historically significant spots that includes Mt. Rushmore, Stonehenge, The Alamo, Roswell, The Jamestown Settlement and Sun Studios and a hit list of some fascinating sights and people that they've read about. From a Cold War era Missile Silo to Bletchley Park; from gold miner Rattlesnake Randy's stream of dreams to vintage tank collector Allan Cors' private museum of working war machines, Ozzy and Jack get their eyes and hands on history. Read More



Episode 8: Florida Finale
Episode 6: Grand Ole Osbournes
Episode 5: I am Ice Cream Man
Episode 4: Kelly Makes Three
Episode 2: Kelly of the Beast
Episode 1: Twisted Sister
Episode 10: Aloha, Osbournes
Episode 9: Blizzard of Oz
Episode 8: Illin' and Chillin'
Episode 7: Mission to Mars
Episode 6: Pearls of Wisdom
Episode 5: Spicy In-Laws
Episode 4: Kentucky Fried Osbournes
Episode 3: Texas, Bloody Texas
Episode 2: Speed Demons
Episode 1: Like Father, Like Sun
Episode 10: The Devil Made Me Do It
Episode 9: Cuba or Busted
Episode 8: Misters Osbourne Go to Washington
Episode 7: The Last Two Samurai
Episode 6: Sir Prince of Darkness
Episode 5: Iron Mountain Men
Episode 4: Unidentified Flying Ozzy
Episode 3: Father Knows West
Episode 2: Remember the Alamo?
Episode 1: Like Forefathers, Like Sons