Paranormal 911 (2019)


Genre: Horror

Plot: Paranormal 9-1-1 reveals spine-chilling, dramatic stories where an emergency call led to a horrifying paranormal encounter. This first-person, gripping drama-doc series thrusts viewers into the POV of both the victims and the 911 responders who took the call - Every story is a haunting mix of emergency situation and hair-raising paranormal encounter - from the 911 call, to the first responders on the scene discovering all is not what it seems. Read More



Episode 12: Death Row and Dead For Days
Episode 10: Lobotomized and Overdose
Episode 8: Rest in Peace and Psych Ward Spirit
Episode 6: Scarred and War House
Episode 5: Home Intruder and Fire Woman
Episode 4: Basement Dweller and DNR
Episode 3: 2020-04-18
Episode 13: Child's Play
Episode 11: Coffin Corridor
Episode 10: Passenger
Episode 9: He Made Me Do It
Episode 4: Paranormal Prisoner
Episode 3: The Voice
Episode 2: Phantom Footsteps