Paranormal Survivor (2015)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Do you believe in ghosts, poltergeists and demons? PARANORMAL SURVIVOR will take you through terrifying real-life encounters with the supernatural. Hear from those who’ve faced these feared spirits - and watch dramatic recreations that lure people back to the scenes of these harrowing confrontations. Read More



Episode 10: When Spirits Attack
Episode 9: Evil Intent
Episode 8: Bringing Ghosts In
Episode 7: Territorial Ghosts
Episode 6: A Sense of Evil
Episode 5: Dark Dreams
Episode 4: Tormented By Shadows
Episode 3: Voices of the Dead
Episode 2: Creatures From Hell
Episode 1: Within These Walls
Episode 10: Provoked Spirits
Episode 9: Demonic Hauntings
Episode 8: When Ghosts Attack Children
Episode 7: Buried Secrets
Episode 6: Horrifying History
Episode 5: Animal Nightmares
Episode 4: Uninvited Evil
Episode 3: Taken Over By Spirits
Episode 2: Spirits That Harm
Episode 1: No Place Like Home
Episode 10: Home Possession
Episode 9: Terrifying Visions
Episode 8: Tormented Teens
Episode 7: Multiple Spirit Disorder
Episode 6: Home Renos From Hell
Episode 5: When Ghosts Speak
Episode 4: When Ghosts Get Physical
Episode 3: Kids Under Attack
Episode 2: Bringing In Evil
Episode 1: Dream Home Nightmares
Episode 10: Face to Face With Evil
Episode 9: Evil Possessions
Episode 8: Deadly Past
Episode 7: Dangerous Family Time
Episode 6: Young And Afraid
Episode 5: Taken Over
Episode 4: Contacted By Ghosts
Episode 3: Summoned Spirits
Episode 2: Pure Evil
Episode 1: Spiritual Assault
Episode 9: Multiple Witnesses
Episode 8: Evil Messengers
Episode 7: Battlefield Spirits
Episode 6: When Spirits Talk
Episode 5: Territorial Spirits
Episode 4: Ghostly Defenders
Episode 3: I See Dead People
Episode 2: Unwelcome Guests
Episode 1: My Things Are Haunted