Picket Fences (1992)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Family , Mystery , Romance

Plot: Picket Fences deals with life in a small town - in this case the town of Rome, Wisconsin; it centers around the Brock Family. Jimmy Brock is the Sheriff of the town and likes to think he's the center of attention. His wife Jill is the town doctor; they have three children: Kimberly, 18, Matthew, 13 and Zachary, 10. A lot happens in this small town from bizarre murders to rape, assault, drunk driving, kidnapping & spontaneous human combustion. It seems that all the crimes that have occurred in the whole of the United States have at one point or another happened in Rome and they have to deal with it in their own quirky way. Read More



Episode 22: Three Weddings and a Meltdown
Episode 21: Bye-Bye, Bey-Bey
Episode 20: Liver Let Die
Episode 19: To Forgive is Divine
Episode 18: Forget Selma
Episode 17: Dante's Inferno
Episode 16: Winner Takes All
Episode 15: Bottled
Episode 14: The Z Files
Episode 13: My Romance
Episode 12: Snow Exit
Episode 11: Bloodlines
Episode 10: Dem Bones
Episode 9: Witness for the Prosecution
Episode 8: This Little Piggy
Episode 7: Down the Tubes
Episode 6: Heart of Saturday Night
Episode 5: Dog Eat Dog
Episode 4: Bloodbrothers
Episode 3: Pal Joey
Episode 2: Reap the Whirlwind
Episode 1: A Change of Season
Episode 22: The Song of Rome
Episode 21: Upbringings
Episode 20: Saint Zach
Episode 19: Final Judgement
Episode 18: Without Mercy
Episode 17: Changing of the Guard
Episode 16: Heroes and Villains
Episode 15: When in Rome
Episode 14: Close Encounters
Episode 13: Mr. Seed Goes to Town
Episode 12: Frogman Returns
Episode 11: Freezer Burn
Episode 10: Away in the Manger
Episode 9: For Whom the Wind Blows
Episode 8: May It Please the Court
Episode 7: Rebels with Causes
Episode 6: Elective Conduct
Episode 5: Cold Spell
Episode 4: Enemy Lines (2)
Episode 3: The Bus Stops Here (1)
Episode 2: Systematic Abuse
Episode 1: Survival of the Fittest
Episode 22: Howard's End
Episode 21: Frosted Flakes
Episode 20: My Left Shoe
Episode 19: Buried Alive
Episode 18: System Down
Episode 17: Squatter's Rights
Episode 16: Terms of Estrangement
Episode 15: Divine Recall
Episode 14: Supreme Courting
Episode 13: Abominable Snowman
Episode 12: Remote Control
Episode 11: Guns 'R' Us
Episode 10: Paging Doctor God
Episode 9: Blue Christmas
Episode 8: Strangers
Episode 7: Cross Examination
Episode 6: Dairy Queen
Episode 5: The Dancing Bandit
Episode 4: Under the Influence
Episode 3: Unlawful Entries
Episode 2: Duty Free Rome
Episode 1: Turpitude
Episode 22: The Lullaby League
Episode 21: Sugar and Spice
Episode 20: Rights of Passage
Episode 19: Sightings
Episode 18: Fetal Attraction
Episode 17: Be My Valentine
Episode 16: The Body Politic
Episode 15: Nuclear Meltdowns
Episode 14: Bad Moons Rising
Episode 13: Frog Man
Episode 12: High Tidings
Episode 11: Pageantry
Episode 10: The Snake Lady
Episode 9: Thanksgiving
Episode 8: Sacred Hearts
Episode 7: The Contenders
Episode 6: Remembering Rosemary
Episode 5: Frank the Potato Man
Episode 4: The Autumn of Rome
Episode 3: Mr. Dreeb Comes to Town
Episode 2: The Green Bay Chopper
Episode 1: Picket Fences