Pool Kings (2016)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Cascading 15-foot waterfalls; luxury grottos and swim up bars are nothing for the Pool Kings . Follow along as Kelly Caviness and his sons Christian and Cameron create over the top award-winning dream pools for their clients. From your own custom lake to a show-stopping backyard water park, the sky is the limit when the Pool Kings are on the job. Read More



Episode 10: Ranch Pool Resort
Episode 9: Triple Infinity Edge
Episode 8: Clean Lines and Clean Water
Episode 5: Caribbean Spa
Episode 3: Hill Country Caribbean
Episode 1: Spa Fabulous
Episode 6: Eyesore to Elegance
Episode 2: A Hawaiian Paradise Pool
Episode 10: Dream Pool
Episode 1: Vegas Jackpot Swimming Pool
Episode 2: Tuscan Wonderwall
Episode 5: Slidin' Into Home
Episode 4: It's About Time
Episode 3: A Hole in the Plan
Episode 2: Welcome to Fire Island
Episode 1: The Stakes are High
Episode 9: Everything but the Trellis
Episode 8: Canyon Country Playground
Episode 3: My Last Pool Was An Iron Tub
Episode 1: Desert Oasis in Sin City
Episode 11: Sliding Into Paradise
Episode 10: From Overgrown to Over the Top
Episode 9: Rockin' Out in Music City
Episode 7: Living La Vida Lakeside
Episode 4: Perfect Time for a Pool and Backyard Oasis
Episode 3: Champagne Spa Wishes and Forever-Home Dreams
Episode 11: Perfect Time for a Pool and Backyard Oasis
Episode 5: Poolside and Mystified
Episode 4: Tranquil Spas, Oohs and Ahs
Episode 2: The Miner Adventure Pool
Episode 1: The Pirate Treasure Pool