Property Brothers: Forever Home (2019)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: The Property Brothers new show Forever Home focuses on couples who are settled in their home but need some help and expertise to make it perfect. In each episode, Drew will take the couple on a tour of nearby renovated homes to find out which features they can't live without. Armed with this information, and with the homeowner’s budget in mind, Jonathan will bring the family’s design dreams to life using 3D graphics. The brothers will then present the homeowners with two animated options that showcase different ways their house can be re-imagined. To unlock the home’s full potential, Jonathan and Drew will focus on overhauling the house to suit the families’ specific needs and wishes. Read More

Next Episode 5x10 Date: Jun 16th



Episode 6: A Bit of Vegas Glam
Episode 5: From The Big Apple To Vegas
Episode 3: A Musical Forever Home
Episode 2: Do It for the Kids
Episode 6: Forever Home for the Holidays
Episode 5: Honoring Lola
Episode 3: Home Run Reno
Episode 2: Building the Nest
Episode 18: When Tragedy Strikes
Episode 17: Move-in Ready
Episode 16: With Neighbors This Good
Episode 15: New Family, New Floor Plan
Episode 14: Family Heirloom Home
Episode 13: Old Neighborhood, New House
Episode 12: Healthy Ever After
Episode 11: A Home Fit for Superheroes
Episode 10: The New Hub of the Neighborhood
Episode 9: A Forever Home for Avery
Episode 8: Out of the Past and Into the Future
Episode 7: Forty-Year Home
Episode 6: From Chaos to Calm
Episode 5: Change The House, Not School
Episode 2: Everyone's Welcome
Episode 1: New Lives, New Home
Episode 8: Forever Home Family Tradition
Episode 7: Changing It Up for Teenagers
Episode 6: Family Home Refresh
Episode 5: House Proud
Episode 4: Raise the Kids, Ignore the House
Episode 3: Four Generations and Counting
Episode 2: Keep the Charm, Not the Layout
Episode 1: Big House, Awkward Layout
Episode 12: House Proud
Episode 11: Raise the Kids, Ignore the House
Episode 9: Keep the Charm, Not the Layout
Episode 8: Big House, Awkward Layout
Episode 4: Family Friends
Episode 1: Food and Family