Pushing Daisies (2007)


Genre: Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Mystery , Romance

Plot: Ned possesses the unique talent of being able to bring the dead to life merely by touching them. However, the person may remain alive only for one minute, or else someone else dies for them. A second touch will render the person dead again, unable to be revived. Through his connections with PI Emerson Cod, Ned revives his childhood sweetheart, Chuck. The trio, aided occasionally by Olive Snook, helps solve the mysteries of various murders, whose murderer is often surprising. Read More



Episode 13: Kerplunk
Episode 12: Water & Power
Episode 11: Window Dressed to Kill
Episode 10: The Norwegians
Episode 9: The Legend of Merle McQuoddy
Episode 8: Comfort Food
Episode 7: Robbing Hood
Episode 6: Oh Oh Oh... It's Magic
Episode 5: Dim Sum Lose Some
Episode 4: Frescorts
Episode 3: Bad Habits
Episode 2: Circus Circus
Episode 1: Bzzzzzzzzz!
Episode 9: Corpsicle
Episode 8: Bitter Sweets
Episode 7: Smell of Success
Episode 6: Bitches
Episode 5: Girth
Episode 4: Pigeon
Episode 3: The Fun in Funeral
Episode 2: Dummy
Episode 1: Pie-lette