Rabbids Invasion (2013)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family

Plot: Rabbids Invasion brings the wacky comedy and characters from Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids video games to US TV for the first time, and we think kids’ are going to really have fun watching them on their chaotic adventures,” said Russell Hicks, President of Content Development and Production, Nickelodeon. “This series will be a terrific complement to our top-rated lineup of original animated comedies on Saturday mornings. Read More



Episode 25: Run, Rabbid, Run!
Episode 24: Welcome to Rabbidland
Episode 17: Slippery and Soapy
Episode 12: Rabbid Fit
Episode 10: Rabbidroid
Episode 72: Sneezy Rabbid
Episode 24: Schnoz Rabbid
Episode 20: Jurassic Rabbid
Episode 18: Escalator Rabbid
Episode 17: Radio Rabbid
Episode 16: Rabbid Playa
Episode 13: Fast Food Rabbid
Episode 12: Rabbid Radar
Episode 11: Until Rabbids Do You Part
Episode 9: Rabbid Market
Episode 8: Raving Lifeguard
Episode 6: Runway Rabbids
Episode 5: Rabbids vs the Vacuum Cleaner
Episode 4: Stop! No More!
Episode 3: Rabbid, Are You There?
Episode 2: Rabbid Mollusk
Episode 1: Omelet Party