Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian (2016)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Everyone knows what it's like to feel alone, left out, different, or just not good enough. Welcome to "Revenge Body," the show that turns lives around with the ultimate True and Total Makeover of the exterior and interior. By gaining confidence and control over their lives, maybe even for the first time, Khloé Kardashian and a team of Hollywood's best trainers and glam squads help two individuals per episode re-create themselves. The results are going to be a major transformation. It's all about showing the world -- all those people who doubted you, who rejected you -- what they're now missing. It's all about the Revenge Body. Because the best revenge is looking and feeling your best. Read More



Episode 4: Hungry for Love & the Fighter
Episode 2: The Twins & the Bullied Brother
Episode 8: The Odd Couple & The Ex Factor
Episode 7: The Excuse Queen & The Pop Star
Episode 5: Binge Eating Bachelorette & Drill Sergeant
Episode 4: Lost Identity & Never Been Kissed
Episode 3: Model, Interrupted & The Basic B…
Episode 1: Web of Lies & Mommy Issues
Episode 8: Typecast & Camera Shy
Episode 4: Former Addict & Future Bride
Episode 3: Revenge-ance & Uber-entitled
Episode 2: Softball Sweethearts & Former Footballer