Roseanne (1988)


Genre: Comedy , Drama

Plot: "Roseanne" is the story of a working-class family struggling with life's essential problems - marriage, children, money, and parents-in-law. A now-classic sitcom, the story circles around the Connor family, a family of five that includes the parents, Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) and Dan (John Goodman), and the children, Becky (Alicia Goranson), Darlene (Sara Gilbert), and D.J. (Michael Fishman). Roseanne is helped in her challenge to keep the family moving along by her single sister, Jackie (Laurie Metcalf), and various friends. Read More



Episode 9: Knee Deep
Episode 8: Netflix & Pill
Episode 7: Go Cubs
Episode 6: No Country for Old Women
Episode 5: Darlene v. David
Episode 4: Eggs Over, Not Easy
Episode 3: Roseanne Gets the Chair
Episode 2: Dress to Impress
Episode 1: Twenty Years to Life
Episode 5: Radio Days
Episode 4: Language Lessons
Episode 3: D-I-V-O-R-C-E
Episode 2: We're in the Money
Episode 1: Life and Stuff