Ruby Gloom (2006)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family , Horror

Plot: In a Victorian mansion on the outskirts of Gloomsville lives Ruby Gloom and her off-beat circle of friends. Some kids might be afraid of the dark, the eccentric neighbours and the unknown things that dwell in the closet. But Ruby is different – she befriends these strange and sometimes scary creatures. In fact Ruby finds them all delightful. She pays no attention to their unusual appearances, perceptive only to their hearts and souls. Ruby is the happiest girl in the world, always trying to be cheerful in the face of gloom! Ruby’s perfect day is a gloomy one, full of creativity and adventure with her offbeat circle of friends. Ruby Gloom is an ironic comedy with an emphasis on the importance of friendship. Read More



Episode 20: Last Train To Gloomsville: Part 2
Episode 19: Last Train To Gloomsville: Part 1
Episode 18: Disaster Becomes You
Episode 17: I'll Be Home For Misery
Episode 16: Frank and Len: Unplugged
Episode 15: Forget Me Not
Episode 14: Out of This World
Episode 13: Skull in the Family
Episode 12: Name That Toon
Episode 11: Seeing Eye to Eyes
Episode 10: Venus de Gloomsville
Episode 8: Gloomates
Episode 7: Broken Records
Episode 6: Sunny Daze
Episode 5: Misery Loves Company
Episode 4: Lucky Me
Episode 3: Time Flies
Episode 2: Once in a Blue Luna
Episode 1: Shaken, Not Scared
Episode 20: Broken Records
Episode 19: Sunny Daze
Episode 18: Misery Loves Company
Episode 17: Lucky Me
Episode 16: Time Flies
Episode 15: Once in a Blue Luna
Episode 14: Shaken, Not Scared
Episode 13: Ruby Cubed
Episode 12: Happy Yam Ween
Episode 11: Bad Hare Day
Episode 10: Skull Boys Don't Cry
Episode 9: Quadro Gloomia
Episode 8: Unsung Hero
Episode 7: Poe-Ranoia
Episode 6: Science Fair or Foul
Episode 5: Iris Springs Eternal
Episode 4: Missing Buns
Episode 3: Doom with a View
Episode 2: Grounded in Gloomsville
Episode 1: Gloomer Rumor