Santa Clarita Diet (2017)


Genre: Comedy , Horror

Plot: Married couple Sheila and Joel are real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. The couple's lives take a dark turn after Sheila goes through a dramatic change. Read More



Episode 10: The Cult of Sheila
Episode 9: Zombody
Episode 8: Forever!
Episode 7: A Specific Form of Recklessness
Episode 6: The Chicken and the Pear
Episode 5: Belle and Sebastian Protect the Head
Episode 4: More of a Cat Person
Episode 3: We Let People Die Every Day
Episode 2: Knighttime
Episode 1: Wuffenloaf
Episode 10: Halibut!
Episode 9: Suspicious Objects
Episode 8: Easels and War Paint
Episode 7: A Change of Heart
Episode 6: Pasión
Episode 5: Going Pre-med
Episode 4: The Queen of England
Episode 3: Moral Gray Area
Episode 2: Coyote in Yoga Pants
Episode 1: No Family is Perfect
Episode 10: Baka, Bile and Baseball Bats
Episode 9: The Book!
Episode 8: How Much Vomit?
Episode 7: Strange or Just Inconsiderate?
Episode 6: Attention to Detail
Episode 5: Man Eat Man
Episode 4: The Farting Sex Tourist
Episode 3: We Can Kill People
Episode 2: We Can't Kill People!
Episode 1: So Then a Bat or a Monkey