Saved by the Bell (1989)


Genre: Comedy , Family , Romance

Plot: Zack Morris the cool trouble maker, A.C. Slater the kind-hearted jock, Screech Powers the smart and funny nerd, Kelly Kapowski the teen dream who is Zack Morris's obsession, Lisa Turtle the gossiping fashionista, and Jessie Spano the feminist straight-A student are classmates and friends involved in misadventures at Bayside High School. Read More



Episode 26: Graduation
Episode 25: The Time Capsule
Episode 24: School Song
Episode 23: Slater's Friend
Episode 22: Best Summer of My Life
Episode 21: Earthquake
Episode 20: Snow White and the Seven Dorks
Episode 19: Screech's Birthday
Episode 18: The Video Yearbook
Episode 17: The Senior Prom
Episode 16: Slater's Sister
Episode 15: The Teacher's Strike
Episode 14: The Will
Episode 13: Isn't it Romantic?
Episode 12: Class Rings
Episode 11: Love Machine
Episode 10: Drinking and Driving
Episode 9: Wrestling with the Future
Episode 8: Day of Detention
Episode 7: Masquerade Ball
Episode 6: Teen-Line
Episode 5: The Bayside Triangle
Episode 4: The New Girl
Episode 3: Screech's Spaghetti Sauce
Episode 2: Student-Teacher Week
Episode 1: The Fight
Episode 26: Mystery Weekend
Episode 25: Home for Christmas, Part II
Episode 24: Home for Christmas, Part I
Episode 23: Cut Day
Episode 22: Rockumentary
Episode 21: No Hope With Dope
Episode 20: Hold Me Tight
Episode 19: Palm Springs Weekend, Part II
Episode 18: Palm Springs Weekend, Part I
Episode 17: S.A.T.'s
Episode 16: All in the Mall
Episode 15: Date Auction
Episode 14: The Wicked Stepbrother, Part II
Episode 13: The Wicked Stepbrother, Part I
Episode 12: The Last Weekend
Episode 11: Pipe Dreams
Episode 10: Boss Lady
Episode 9: Fake I.D.'s
Episode 8: My Boyfriend's Back
Episode 7: Check Your Mate
Episode 6: 4th of July
Episode 5: Operation Zack
Episode 4: The Game
Episode 3: The Aftermath
Episode 2: Zack's Birthday Party
Episode 1: The Last Dance
Episode 18: The Glee Club
Episode 17: Breaking Up is Hard to Undo
Episode 16: From Nurse to Worse
Episode 15: The Fabulous Belding Boys
Episode 14: The Babysitters
Episode 13: Running Zack
Episode 12: Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind
Episode 11: 1-900-CRUSHED
Episode 10: Model Students
Episode 9: Jessie's Song
Episode 8: Miss Bayside
Episode 7: Rent-A-Pop
Episode 6: Blind Dates
Episode 5: House Party
Episode 4: Driver's Education
Episode 3: Save the Max
Episode 2: Zack's War
Episode 1: The Prom
Episode 16: Save That Tiger
Episode 15: King of the Hill
Episode 14: The Zack Tapes
Episode 13: The Election
Episode 12: The Mamas and the Papas
Episode 11: The Friendship Business
Episode 10: Beauty and the Screech
Episode 9: Pinned to the Mat
Episode 8: Cream for a Day
Episode 7: The Substitute
Episode 6: Aloha Slater
Episode 5: Screech's Woman
Episode 4: Fatal Distraction
Episode 3: The Gift
Episode 2: The Lisa Card
Episode 1: Dancing to the Maxx