Scaled (2018)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Reptiles now rival dogs and cats as the most popular pets. That's why Greg West and his team of experts at Cornel's World combine ingenious design with their passion for reptiles to create one-of-a-kind habitats for reptile lovers and their scale babies. Read More



Episode 10: Wild West Agamas
Episode 9: Sammi the Blue-Tongued Skink
Episode 8: Jurassic Blue-Tongue Skink
Episode 7: Uromastyx Dino Wasteland
Episode 6: Monkey-Tailed Skink Adventure
Episode 5: The Incredible Bearded Dragons!
Episode 4: Speak Easy Sand Boa Club
Episode 3: Samurai Snake Territory
Episode 2: Princess and the Python
Episode 1: Poison Dart Frog Family