Scream: The TV Series (2015)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Horror , Mystery , Thriller , Comedy

Plot: After a cyber-bullying incident results in a brutal murder, the shocking violence stirs up memories of a killing spree from the past that has haunted some, intrigued others and maybe just inspired a new killer. A group of teens - with two old friends struggling to reconnect at its heart - become lovers, enemies, suspects, targets and victims of an assassin who's out for blood. Read More



Episode 6: Endgame
Episode 5: Blindspots
Episode 4: Ports in the Storm
Episode 3: The Man Behind the Mask
Episode 2: Devil's Night
Episode 1: The Deadfast Club
Episode 12: When a Stranger Calls
Episode 11: Heavenly Creatures
Episode 10: The Vanishing
Episode 9: The Orphanage
Episode 8: Village of the Damned
Episode 7: Let the Right One In
Episode 6: Jeepers Creepers
Episode 5: Dawn of the Dead
Episode 4: Happy Birthday to Me
Episode 3: Vacancy
Episode 2: Psycho
Episode 1: I Know What You Did Last Summer
Episode 10: Revelations
Episode 9: The Dance
Episode 8: Ghosts
Episode 7: In the Trenches
Episode 6: Betrayed
Episode 5: Exposed
Episode 4: Aftermath
Episode 3: Wanna Play a Game?
Episode 2: Hello, Emma
Episode 1: Red Roses