Sex Sent Me to the ER (2013)


Genre: Documentary , Comedy , Drama

Plot: Sex in a tree? A quickie in the closet? Laundry room relations? These are just a few of the out-of-the-ordinary places where amorous adventurers go to get intimate with their other halves. But few people expect to land themselves in the emergency room as a result! Brought to life for Discovery Fit & Health by GRB Entertainment, the production company behind the hit show UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER, this all-new series documents the real-life and often hilarious stories of what happens when a little action leads to a medical crisis. Retold by emergency room physicians and the actual couples who, in the heat of the moment, got themselves into a fix and needed a doctor to fix it, this four-part series illustrates how loving couples cope when sex goes outrageously wrong. Read More



Episode 15: Top 10 Moments in the Wild
Episode 14: Routine Romance
Episode 13: Super Secrets
Episode 12: Bedroom Eyes
Episode 11: Mannequin Mischief
Episode 10: Prison Problems
Episode 9: Motivated Patient
Episode 8: Dirty Laundry
Episode 7: Top 10 Mishaps
Episode 6: Handy Man
Episode 5: One Wild Ride
Episode 4: Hitting The Hay
Episode 3: Pump and Go
Episode 2: Three's a Crowd
Episode 1: Zombie Apocalypse
Episode 39: 5 Times & No Fun
Episode 38: Old Flame Shame
Episode 37: Lock and Key
Episode 35: Scorching Secret!
Episode 34: Mardi Gras Mischief
Episode 33: Cut It Off!
Episode 32: Mile High Mishap
Episode 31: The Buck Stops Here
Episode 30: Study Buddies
Episode 29: Can't Get Up
Episode 28: Holiday Hanky-Panky
Episode 27: Retirement Hobby
Episode 26: Wax On, Wax Off
Episode 25: Busted!
Episode 24: Body Building Blunder
Episode 23: Rock n' Romp
Episode 22: Pole Position
Episode 21: Have a Ball
Episode 20: The Skydive Club
Episode 19: Stuck on Me
Episode 18: Birthday Surprise!
Episode 17: Motorcycle Mayhem
Episode 16: Forbidden Fruit
Episode 15: Give a Dog a Bone
Episode 14: Drama Down Under
Episode 13: Hot Air Affair
Episode 12: Man In Steel
Episode 11: Game Over
Episode 10: Bedroom Slip-up
Episode 9: Get Your Rocks Off
Episode 8: Clean Up On Aisle 4
Episode 7: Natural Disaster
Episode 6: Get a Room
Episode 5: Sticky Situation
Episode 4: Valentine's Surprise
Episode 3: Hot in Vegas
Episode 2: It Won't Stop!
Episode 1: It Was A Doozy