Signal (2016)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Fantasy , Sci-fi , Thriller

Plot: Fifteen years ago, a female child was kidnapped on the way from school. At that time, Park Hae Yeong, who was an elementary school student, witnessed the girl being taken away. A few days later, the girl was found dead, and detectives couldn't find the culprit. As time went by, Hae Yeong started distrusting the police. Fifteen years later, Hae Yeong is now a police officer and criminal profiler. One day, he finds a walkie-talkie that allows him to get in contact with Detective Lee Jae Han who is in the past. Police officers Hae Yeong, Jae Han and Cha So Hyun then set out on a journey to solve cold cases. Read More



Episode 16: If You Don't Give Up
Episode 15: Is It Really You?
Episode 14: Not Now, but Maybe in the Past
Episode 13: The Real Assailant
Episode 12: The Case Was Manipulated
Episode 11: The One Last Case
Episode 10: Someone Has to Stop the Bad Guys
Episode 9: Hongwon Dong Case
Episode 8: How Are You Alive?
Episode 7: We Must Dig Deeper
Episode 6: Catch Him by All Means
Episode 5: Changing the Past Alters the Present
Episode 4: We Found the Killer
Episode 3: We Can Prevent the Killings
Episode 2: We Still Have a Chance
Episode 1: You're Doomed