Song By Song (2012)


Genre: Biography

Plot: You know your favorite singers' songs, but do you know about the songs and how they help tell each singer's life story? You will if your favorite singer is profiled on "Song by Song,'' the series that showcases songs from each featured singer and how the songs provide insight into each artist's life and career. The series also features interviews with other singers and celebrities who talk about the singer's impact on them and on pop culture. Read More



Episode 3: Dolly Parton: Coat of Many Colors
Episode 1: Dolly Parton: I Will Always Love You
Episode 6: Johnny Cash: Hurt
Episode 5: Johnny Cash: Sunday Morning Coming Down
Episode 4: Johnny Cash: A Boy Named Sue
Episode 3: Johnny Cash: Jackson
Episode 2: Johnny Cash: Ring of Fire
Episode 1: Johnny Cash: I Walk the Line