Sons of Guns (2011)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Will Hayden runs Red Jacket, the nation's most unique weapons business. From guns to knives to swords to cannons, Will sells, trades, buys, builds and customizes them all. When Will isn't rebuilding a "bring-back" rifle from the Vietnam War or re-stringing a bow to hunt swamp gators, he can be found in his Louisiana Bayou shop swapping gossip with his customers that range from housewives to members of the SWAT team. Will, his daughter Stephanie, and the rest of his crew, race to keep up with the demands of their clientèle and turn out top notch weapons. But whether it's having a lunch break shooting contest, going on a nighttime bayou bow fishing trip or field testing a fully automatic M2 .50 caliber machine gun, viewers will catch the Red Jacket team always finding time to have some fun. Read More



Episode 7: Bone-dry .50 Cal
Episode 6: One Man Army
Episode 5: Cutbacks
Episode 3: Will’s Monster
Episode 2: Hangfire
Episode 1: Under Siege
Episode 16: Free Fall Shotgun
Episode 15: Nine Guns and a Shootout
Episode 14: Shotgun Superstars vs. Red Jacket
Episode 13: Red Jacket Challenges Mythbusters
Episode 12: Red Jacket Snow Blaster
Episode 11: Three Cannons and a Rock Star
Episode 10: The Gun That Killed Osama
Episode 9: Total Recall Vector Submachine Gun
Episode 8: Zombie Gun!
Episode 7: Amoured and Dangerous
Episode 6: Worlds Largest Machine Gun
Episode 5: Jesse James Gun
Episode 3: Kamikaze Cannon
Episode 2: Sniper Rifle Silencer
Episode 1: This Time It's Personal
Episode 16: Wedlock & Load
Episode 15: Mortars and Mayhem
Episode 14: The Hogzilla Gun
Episode 13: Boys and Their Maxim Toys
Episode 12: Flamethrower Cannon
Episode 11: Honey, I Blew Up the USS KIDD
Episode 10: Will's Floating Fortess
Episode 9: Oh My God, a Cannon!
Episode 8: The Gatling Gun and Dueling Pistols
Episode 7: Taser Shotgun
Episode 6: Flying Guns and Uzis
Episode 5: Grenade Launcher Silencer
Episode 4: The Meat Chopper
Episode 3: American Chopper Gun
Episode 2: AK-Sniper Rifle
Episode 1: Anniversary Bash
Episode 16: Flashlight Gun
Episode 15: Double M16
Episode 14: Alligator Kill Stick
Episode 13: The Rocket Launcher
Episode 12: Machine Gun Mania/The New Guy
Episode 11: ATV Gun/Help Wanted at Red Jacket
Episode 10: Remote Control Machine Gun
Episode 9: Movie Gun/Leopard Gun
Episode 8: Tommy Gun/Machete
Episode 7: The Bazooka/Kris' Birthday
Episode 6: AK-47 Silencer
Episode 5: Coffee Grinder Gun/Katana
Episode 4: Browning Machine Gun/Stephanies Big Bet
Episode 3: The Flamethrower
Episode 2: Master Key
Episode 1: Civil War Cannon/Shotgun Silencer