Star (2016)


Genre: Drama , Music , Musical

Plot: Star, her sister Simone, and their friend Alex are three talented young singers who navigate the music business on their road to success in Atlanta, where Star and Simone's long lost godmother Carlotta lives. They'll soon learn that success is not only about the music, but also drama, sacrifice and pain. Read More



Episode 18: When the Levee Breaks
Episode 17: Proud Mary Keep On
Episode 16: Square One
Episode 15: Lean on Me
Episode 14: Amazing Grace
Episode 13: The Reckoning
Episode 12: Toxic
Episode 11: Watch the Throne
Episode 10: When Stars Fall
Episode 8: Roots and Wings
Episode 7: Karma
Episode 6: Ante Up
Episode 5: Someday We'll All Be Free
Episode 4: All Falls Down
Episode 3: A Family Affair
Episode 2: Who's the Daddy
Episode 1: Secrets & Lies
Episode 18: Thirty Days to Famous
Episode 17: Mrs. Rivera
Episode 16: Take It or Leave It
Episode 15: Let the Good Times Roll
Episode 14: After the Set, It's the Afterparty
Episode 13: Forward (E)Motion
Episode 12: Dreamers
Episode 11: Take it to Church
Episode 10: Rise From the Ashes
Episode 9: Climax
Episode 8: A House Divided
Episode 7: Ghetto Symphony
Episode 6: Faking It
Episode 5: May the Best Manager Win
Episode 4: It Ain't Over
Episode 3: FUA...Good Night!
Episode 2: Insecure
Episode 1: The Winner Takes It All
Episode 12: Showtime
Episode 11: Saving Face
Episode 10: Boy Trouble
Episode 9: Alibi
Episode 8: Mama's Boy
Episode 7: Black Wherever I Go
Episode 6: Infamous
Episode 5: New Voices
Episode 4: Code of Silence
Episode 3: Next of Kin
Episode 2: The Devil You Know
Episode 1: Pilot