Step by Step (1991)


Genre: Comedy , Family , Romance

Plot: Set in Port Washington, Wisconsin, Frank Lambert, a divorced contractor with 3 children, sons J.T. and Brendan and daughter Al, impulsively marries Carol Foster, a widowed beautician who also has 3 children, daughters Dana and Karen and son Mark. Both were residents of Port Washington, but met while vacationing separately in Jamaica. Their children are surprised and angered when they learn of the marriage. Stories depicted typical situations of a new blended family, their differences causing arguments and resentments between them, but the family eventually growing to tolerate and develop loyalty to one another Read More



Episode 19: Movin' On Up
Episode 18: We're in the Money
Episode 17: The Understudy
Episode 16: And Justice for Some
Episode 15: The Half Monty
Episode 14: Pain in the Class
Episode 13: Feet of Clay
Episode 12: Goin' to the Chapel
Episode 11: Phoney Business
Episode 10: Too Many Santas
Episode 9: Goodbye, Mr. Chip
Episode 8: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Episode 7: Dream Lover
Episode 6: Can't Buy Me Love
Episode 5: Poetic Justice
Episode 4: Take This Job and ...
Episode 3: Your Cheatin' Heart
Episode 2: A Star is Born
Episode 1: Making the Grade
Episode 24: The Kissing Game
Episode 23: Walk Like a Man
Episode 22: Talking Trash
Episode 21: The Facts of Life
Episode 20: Ain't Misbehavin'
Episode 19: Macho Man
Episode 18: It Didn't Happen One Night
Episode 17: Show Me the Money
Episode 16: Future Shock
Episode 15: The Big Date
Episode 14: Loose Lips
Episode 13: Absolutely Fabio
Episode 12: How the West Was Won
Episode 11: Locket Man
Episode 10: Reality Bites
Episode 9: Independence Day
Episode 8: She's the One
Episode 7: The L Word
Episode 6: Just Say Maybe
Episode 5: Sex, Lies and Videotape
Episode 4: Road Trip
Episode 3: Crazy Love
Episode 2: Shear Madness
Episode 1: Bonjour Jean-Luc
Episode 24: Men at Work
Episode 23: We're Going to Disney World (2)
Episode 22: We're Going to Disney World (1)
Episode 21: Major Pain
Episode 20: The Bodyguard Formerly Known as Prince
Episode 19: Do the Right Thing
Episode 18: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Episode 17: Forever Young
Episode 16: Secret Admirer
Episode 15: Snow Bunnies
Episode 14: Torn Between Two Mothers
Episode 13: Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling
Episode 12: What's Wrong with This Picture?
Episode 11: The Fight Before Christmas
Episode 10: Baby Come Back
Episode 9: The Wall
Episode 8: Roadie
Episode 7: Hello, Mister Chips
Episode 6: Don't Ask
Episode 5: Maid to Order
Episode 4: Midnight Caller
Episode 3: Party Animal
Episode 2: Three Girls and a Baby
Episode 1: Little Sister Don't Cha
Episode 24: A Foster/Lambert Production
Episode 23: Big Girl on Campus
Episode 22: Adventures in Babysitting
Episode 21: Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?
Episode 20: Indecent Proposal
Episode 19: She Came in Through the Bedroom Window
Episode 18: Back to School
Episode 17: Head of the Class
Episode 16: One Truck, Al Dente
Episode 15: The Honeymoon is Over
Episode 14: Thirtysomething
Episode 13: Can't Buy Me Love
Episode 12: I'll Be Home For Christmas
Episode 11: Make Room for Daddy
Episode 10: Letting Go
Episode 9: The Ice Cream Man Cometh
Episode 8: Beyond Therapy
Episode 7: Growing up is Hard to Do
Episode 6: Something Wild
Episode 5: Revenge of the Nerd
Episode 4: Spoiled Sport
Episode 3: Animal House
Episode 2: College Bound
Episode 1: Karate Kid
Episode 23: Prom Night
Episode 22: Great Expectations
Episode 21: The Case of the Missing Diary
Episode 20: Feeling Forty
Episode 19: Birth of a Salesman
Episode 18: Nightmare Weekend
Episode 17: Pretty Woman
Episode 16: My Bodyguard
Episode 15: Thirteen with a Bullet
Episode 14: Read All About It
Episode 13: Bad Girls
Episode 12: Close Encounters of the Marital Kind
Episode 11: Christmas Story
Episode 10: Sister Act
Episode 9: The Marrying Dude
Episode 8: Down and Out in Port Washington
Episode 7: Hog Wild
Episode 6: Video Mania
Episode 5: Trading Places
Episode 4: The Paper Chase
Episode 3: Never on Sunday
Episode 2: The Apartment
Episode 1: Way-Off Broadway
Episode 24: Double Date
Episode 23: This Old House
Episode 22: The Psychic
Episode 21: The Un-Natural
Episode 20: No Way to Treat a Lady
Episode 19: Aloha (2)
Episode 18: Aloha (1)
Episode 17: Love, Port Washington Style
Episode 16: No Business Like Show Business
Episode 15: One of the Guys
Episode 14: Happy Birthday, Baby
Episode 13: If I Were a Rich Man
Episode 12: Boys Will Be Boys
Episode 11: Back to Basics
Episode 10: Virgin Territory
Episode 9: The Making of the President
Episode 8: Someone to Watch Over Me
Episode 7: Model Daughter
Episode 6: The Boss
Episode 5: It's a Dog's Life
Episode 4: JT's World
Episode 3: Stuck on You
Episode 2: To B or Not to Be
Episode 1: S.A.T. Blues
Episode 22: Beauty Contest
Episode 21: He Wanted Wings
Episode 20: Daddy's Girl
Episode 19: Country Club
Episode 18: School Daze
Episode 17: The Boys in the Band
Episode 16: Bully for Mark
Episode 15: Drive, He Said
Episode 14: Home Alone
Episode 13: Getting Organized
Episode 12: The New Car
Episode 11: A Day in the Life
Episode 10: Mixed Messages
Episode 9: Into the Woods
Episode 8: Just for Kicks
Episode 7: Yo-Yo's Wedding
Episode 6: Pulling Together
Episode 5: Frank & Son
Episode 4: First Anniversary
Episode 3: Rules of the House
Episode 2: The Dance
Episode 1: Pilot