That's My Boy (1981)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Ida Willis, an interfering housekeeper, is employed by a doctor, Robert Price, and his wife, Angie, and moves into their London flat. However, she soon discovers that Robert is the son she gave up for adoption when he was a baby, and she proceeds to call him Shane, the name she gave him when he was born. Other characters include Robert's adoptive mother, the widowed and social-climbing Mrs. Price with whom Ida does not get on. Made by Yorkshire Television for the ITV Network. Read More



Episode 7: Two Lonely People
Episode 6: Happy Anniversary
Episode 5: The Bypass
Episode 4: Something To Love
Episode 3: Jezebel
Episode 2: Drugs On The Market
Episode 1: Digging In
Episode 7: Surprise, Surprise
Episode 6: The Phantom Of The Farmyard
Episode 5: Hello Young Mothers
Episode 4: Friendship View Marriage
Episode 3: What Seems To Be The Trouble?
Episode 2: Moving In
Episode 1: Moving Out
Episode 8: Little Donkey (1984 Christmas Special)
Episode 7: Ring If You Need Me
Episode 6: Dirty Linen
Episode 5: Unfair Dismissal
Episode 4: Light and Shade
Episode 3: The Big Night Out
Episode 2: Baby Blues
Episode 1: Where There's a Will
Episode 9: Cold Turkey (1983 Christmas Special)
Episode 8: Invitation To The Wedding
Episode 7: Go Jump In The Fountain
Episode 6: To Catch a Thief
Episode 5: Down Under
Episode 4: A Brush With The Law
Episode 3: A Holiday Romance
Episode 2: Wakey Wakey
Episode 1: Only When It Hurts
Episode 6: Think Thin
Episode 5: Driven Apart
Episode 4: Is It Catching?
Episode 3: Happy Birthdays, Robert
Episode 2: Settling In
Episode 1: Live As a Family