The A-Team (1983)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Crime

Plot: At the end of their stint in Vietnam, Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith and his team were framed for robbing the Bank of Hanoi (which they had done, but under orders), and sent to a US military prison. They escaped and went on the run, pursued first by Colonel Francis Lynch and later by Colonel Roderick Decker and finally by General Harlan "Bull" Fullbright. While on the lam, they became heroes for hire, working as good-guy vigilantes around the United States or the world. Hannibal was their leader and an expert at disguises. Templeton "Face(man)" Peck was the team's con artist and ladies man. Bosco Albert "BA" (or "Bad Attitude") Baracus was their mechanic, but also took care of mayhem and intimidation. The final member of the Team, H.M "Howling Mad" Murdock, was an expert pilot, and a certified lunatic--they broke him out of a mental hospital whenever they needed him for a mission. Read More



Episode 13: Without Reservations
Episode 12: The Grey Team
Episode 11: The Spy Who Mugged Me
Episode 10: The Crystal Skull
Episode 9: Point of No Return
Episode 8: Family Reunion
Episode 7: Alive at Five
Episode 6: The Say UNCLE Affair
Episode 5: The Theory of Revolution
Episode 4: Quarterback Sneak
Episode 3: Firing Line (3)
Episode 2: Trial by Fire (2)
Episode 1: Dishpan Man (1)
Episode 23: The Sound of Thunder
Episode 22: A Little Town with an Accent
Episode 21: The Trouble with Harry
Episode 20: Mission of Peace
Episode 19: Beneath the Surface
Episode 18: The Duke of Whispering Pines
Episode 17: Waiting for Insane Wayne
Episode 16: Cowboy George
Episode 15: Members Only
Episode 14: The A-Team is Coming, the A-Team is Coming
Episode 13: Wheel of Fortune
Episode 12: Uncle Buckle-Up
Episode 11: The Doctor is Out
Episode 10: There Goes the Neighborhood
Episode 9: Mind Games
Episode 8: Blood, Sweat and Cheers
Episode 7: Body Slam
Episode 6: The Heart of Rock n' Roll
Episode 5: The Road to Hope
Episode 4: Lease with an Option to Die
Episode 3: Where is the Monster When You Need Him?
Episode 2: Judgment Day (2)
Episode 1: Judgment Day (1)
Episode 25: Incident at Crystal Lake
Episode 24: Trouble Brewing
Episode 23: Beverly Hills Assault
Episode 22: Bounty
Episode 21: Waste 'Em!
Episode 20: Knights of the Road
Episode 19: Moving Targets
Episode 18: Road Games
Episode 17: Skins
Episode 16: Champ!
Episode 15: The Big Squeeze
Episode 14: Cup a' Joe
Episode 13: Breakout!
Episode 12: Hot Styles
Episode 11: The Bells of St. Mary's
Episode 10: Sheriffs of Rivertown
Episode 9: Showdown!
Episode 8: The Island
Episode 7: Trouble on Wheels
Episode 6: Double Heat
Episode 5: Timber!
Episode 4: Fire
Episode 3: The Bend in the River (2)
Episode 2: The Bend in the River (1)
Episode 1: Bullets and Bikinis
Episode 23: Curtain Call
Episode 22: Semi-Friendly Persuasion
Episode 21: Deadly Maneuvers
Episode 20: Harder Than It Looks
Episode 19: Chopping Spree
Episode 18: It's a Desert Out There
Episode 17: Pure-Dee Poison
Episode 16: Say It With Bullets
Episode 15: The Battle of Bel Air
Episode 14: In Plane Sight
Episode 13: The Maltese Cow
Episode 12: The White Ballot
Episode 11: Steel
Episode 10: Water, Water Everywhere
Episode 9: There's Always a Catch
Episode 8: Labor Pains
Episode 7: The Taxicab Wars
Episode 6: When You Comin' Back, Range Rider? (2)
Episode 5: When You Comin' Back, Range Rider? (1)
Episode 4: Bad Time on the Border
Episode 3: The Only Church in Town
Episode 2: Recipe for Heavy Bread
Episode 1: Diamonds 'n Dust
Episode 14: A Nice Place to Visit
Episode 13: The Beast from the Belly of a Boeing
Episode 12: Till Death Do Us Part
Episode 11: One More Time
Episode 10: West Coast Turnaround
Episode 9: Holiday in the Hills
Episode 8: The Out-of-Towners
Episode 7: The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas
Episode 6: Black Day at Bad Rock
Episode 5: A Small and Deadly War
Episode 4: Pros and Cons
Episode 3: Children of Jamestown
Episode 1: Mexican Slayride (1)