The Archie Show (1968)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family

Plot: Inspired by the beloved comic book series, The Archie Show chronicles the adventures of America's favorite redhead and his hip friends Betty, Veronica, Reggie and Jughead, plus their mascot Hot Dog. Watch as they sing, dane and laugh their way through the ups and downs, hits and misses of being teenagers. Every Episode of the popular series features an original song and dance by the Grooviest band in Riverdale and accross the USA! Read More



Episode 17: The Jones Farm; Veronica's Veil
Episode 16: Strike Three; The Cat Next Door
Episode 15: Private Eye Jughead; Reggie's Cousin
Episode 14: Dilton's Folly; Lodge's Department Store
Episode 13: The Old Sea Dog; Jughead's Girl
Episode 12: Surf Bored; The Computer
Episode 11: Groovie Ghosts; PFC Hot Dog
Episode 10: Rocket Rock; Par One
Episode 9: Kid's Day; Jughead 'Sampson' Jones
Episode 8: A Chimp Off the Old Block; Who's Afraid of Reggie
Episode 7: Hot Rod Drag; Snow Business
Episode 6: The Marathon; Way Out West
Episode 5: Flying Saucers; Picnic
Episode 4: The Circus; The Prize Winner
Episode 3: Anchors Away; Jughead's Double
Episode 2: A Hard Day's Knight; Beauty is Only Fur Deep
Episode 1: The Added Distraction; The Disappearing Act