The Athena (2019)


Genre: Family

Plot: The Athena is a new drama series charting the fortunes of a group of students at a prestigious college of visual arts in present-day London. Read More



Episode 26: Leigh Feelings
Episode 25: Final Level Boss
Episode 24: A Sort Of Fairytale
Episode 23: In Defence Of Tiaras
Episode 22: Please Don't
Episode 21: Pick Your People
Episode 20: A Moveable Feast
Episode 19: In Case Of Rejection
Episode 18: The Other Kind Of Like
Episode 17: Exit, Pursued By A Bear
Episode 16: Play Dough
Episode 15: The Problem With Fate
Episode 14: Friends With A Guy
Episode 13: The List
Episode 12: Everygirl
Episode 11: Left Behind
Episode 10: Truth and Inexperience
Episode 9: The Underdog
Episode 8: Three Words of Death
Episode 7: Pictures of You
Episode 6: Fear and Loving at the Athena
Episode 5: Pitching And Stitching
Episode 4: Not That Girl
Episode 3: Dads, Mums And Broken Things
Episode 2: The Art Of Fitting In
Episode 1: A House, a Bird, a Cloud and a Man