The Bionic Woman (1975)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Drama , Sci-fi

Plot: In 1975 Lindsay Wagner made a guest appearance on 'The $6 Million Dollar Man' as perfect female companion for Steve Austin - Jaime Sommers. After a tragic skydiving accident, Jaime also received Bionic replacements. She and Steve planned to be married, but it came to pass that Jaime's body rejected her new limbs and she died. ABC realized how phenomenally successful Lindsay Wagner's portrayal of Jaime Sommers had become. So, they brought her back to life and spun her off into her own series - 'The Bionic Woman'. It debuted in January 1976 and was an immediate hit. The series ran on ABC for two seasons, and was picked up by NBC for its final season. Read More



Episode 22: On the Run
Episode 21: Rancho Outcast
Episode 20: Long Live the King
Episode 19: Out of Body
Episode 18: Which One is Jaime?
Episode 17: Deadly Music
Episode 16: Sanctuary Earth
Episode 15: The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming
Episode 14: The Antidote
Episode 13: The Pyramid
Episode 12: All for One
Episode 11: Over the Hill Spy
Episode 10: Max
Episode 9: Escape to Love (aka A Matter of Love and Death)
Episode 8: Brain Wash
Episode 7: Motorcycle Boogie
Episode 6: African Connection
Episode 5: Rodeo
Episode 4: Fembots in Las Vegas (2)
Episode 3: Fembots in Las Vegas (1)
Episode 2: The Bionic Dog (2)
Episode 1: The Bionic Dog (1)
Episode 14: The Ghosthunter
Episode 13: Mirror Image
Episode 12: The Jailing of Jaime
Episode 11: Fly Jaime
Episode 10: Canyon of Death