The Birthday Boys (2013)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: "The Birthday Boys" is a scripted original sketch comedy, executive produced by Bob Odenkirk ("Breaking Bad", "Mr. Show") and Ben Stiller ("The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", "Zoolander"). The series features the Los Angeles comedy group of the same name (UCB Theatre Los Angeles, Just for Laughs Festival) along with Odenkirk and is in the classic vein of absurd/silly/smart/funny variety shows ("Mr. Show", Monty Python), featuring sketches that twist real-life moments and cultural touchstones. Read More



Episode 9: Cerf’s Folly
Episode 8: The U.S. Healthcare System
Episode 5: Love Date Hump
Episode 3: Women Are Funny
Episode 2: Wet Dreams May Come
Episode 1: Snobs and Slobs
Episode 10: Dumb Public
Episode 9: Going All the Way
Episode 7: Skewered!
Episode 6: Helpful Tips
Episode 5: Cool Machine
Episode 4: Rock and Roll
Episode 3: Catching up on Shows
Episode 2: Goofy Roofers