The Blended Bunch (2021)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: What started with tragedy, manifested into a once in a lifetime love story. Before meeting, Erica, a mother of 7, lost her husband to cancer and Spencer, a father of 4, lost his wife in a fatal car crash. Their worlds were completely shattered until they serendipitously met in an online widower support group. Finding love almost immediately, Erica and Spencer exchanged vows and were married after just 13 months. The series centers on their large, newly blended family that will face all kinds of challenges as they merge 11 children under one roof and adjust to a new life in Utah. Read More



Episode 6: Baby One More Time
Episode 5: Princess Spencer
Episode 4: Nature Calls
Episode 3: Step Kid Swap
Episode 2: Let's Talk About Sex
Episode 1: Modern Day Brady Bunch