The Block (2003)


Genre: Game-show , Reality-tv

Plot: Get ready for action, drama and plenty of tears and laughter when the hugely successful realty-renovation competition The Block, hosted by Scott Cam, introduces four couples who are taking on one of the toughest but potentially most rewarding challenges they will ever face. The couples will move into four identical and near-derelict apartments in the same building, with little more than the clothes they are wearing. Read More



Episode 50: Auction
Episode 48: Backyards Revealed
Episode 47: Backyards Walk Arounds
Episode 46: Backyards Continue
Episode 45: Backyards Begins
Episode 44: Studio And Garage Reveals
Episode 43: Studio And Garage Walk Arounds
Episode 42: Studio And Garage Continues
Episode 41: Studio And Garage Begins
Episode 40: Front Garden And Facade Reveals
Episode 39: Front Garden And Facade Walk Arounds
Episode 38: Front Garden And Facade Continues
Episode 37: Front Garden And Facade Begins
Episode 36: Hallway Reveals
Episode 35: Hallway Walk Arounds
Episode 34: Hallway Continues
Episode 33: Hallway Begins
Episode 32: Upstairs Reveals
Episode 31: Upstairs Walk Arounds
Episode 30: Upstairs Continues
Episode 29: Upstairs Begins
Episode 28: Living/Dining Room Reveals
Episode 27: Living/Dining Room Walk Arounds
Episode 26: Living/Dining Room Continues
Episode 25: Living/Dining Room Begins
Episode 24: Kitchens Revealed
Episode 23: Kitchens Walk Arounds
Episode 22: Kitchens Continue
Episode 21: Kitchens Begins
Episode 20: Bedroom And Bathroom Reveals
Episode 19: Bedroom And Bathroom Walk Arounds
Episode 18: Bedroom And Bathroom Continues
Episode 17: Bedroom And Bathroom Begins
Episode 16: Master En-suite Reveal
Episode 15: Master En-suite Walk Arounds
Episode 14: Master En-suite Continues
Episode 13: Master En-suite Begins
Episode 12: Master Bedroom & Walk-In-Robe Reveal
Episode 11: Master Bedroom & Walk-In-Robe Walk Arounds
Episode 10: Master Bedroom & Walk-In-Robe Continues
Episode 9: Master Bedroom & Walk-In-Robe Begins
Episode 8: Guest Ensuites Revealed
Episode 7: Guest Ensuites Walk Arounds
Episode 6: Guest Ensuites Continue
Episode 5: Guest Ensuites Begin
Episode 4: Guest Bedroom Reveal
Episode 3: Guest Bedrooms Continue
Episode 2: Guest Bedrooms Begin
Episode 1: Welcome to The Block