The Brokenwood Mysteries (2014)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery , Na

Plot: Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd is good at his job but bad with relationships. When he comes to the city of Brokenwood to solve a crime he falls in love with it and decides to stay, but soon Shepherd begins to collide with Detective Kristen Sims. Read More



Episode 6: Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson
Episode 5: Exposed to the Light
Episode 4: Something Nasty at the Market
Episode 3: Dog Day Morning
Episode 2: The Witches of Brokenwood
Episode 1: The Garotte and the Vinklebraun
Episode 4: Dead and Buried
Episode 3: Dead Men Don't Shoot Ducks
Episode 2: A Real Page Turner
Episode 1: The Power of Steam
Episode 4: The Dark Angel
Episode 3: Tontine
Episode 2: Bride Not To Be
Episode 1: Scared To Death
Episode 4: As If Nothing Had Happened
Episode 3: The Scarecrow
Episode 2: Stone Cold Dead
Episode 1: Fall From Grace
Episode 4: A Merry Bloody Christmas
Episode 3: The Killing Machine
Episode 2: Over Her Dead Body
Episode 1: The Black Widower
Episode 4: Blood Pink
Episode 3: Catch of the Day
Episode 2: To Die Or Not To Die
Episode 1: Leather & Lace
Episode 4: Hunting the Stag
Episode 3: Playing the Lie
Episode 2: Sour Grapes
Episode 1: Blood and Water