The Care Bears (1983)


Genre: Animation , Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Plot: The Care Bears keep watch over the earth to keep bad feelings at bay. Whenever a kid is feeling down, they are there to help bring a smile to the child's face. They live in a city in the sky, named Care-A-Lot. They hold meetings in the Hall of Caring to discuss important matters. Their cousins live in the Forest of Feelings. The Care Bear Cousins' leader is Braveheart Lion. Each bear and cousin has a special power, related to the symbol on its tummy. When they unite, they can use the Care Bear Stare to beam good energy at their enemies, such as No Heart, Professor Cold Heart, Shrieky, and Beastly. The bears have two modes of transportation, Cloudmobiles and Rainbow Rollers, which they fly down to earth on whenever there is trouble. They are alerted to problems by the Care-O-Meter. The Care Bears Family combined old episodes of Care Bears with new ones. Read More



Episode 47: Songfellow Strum And His Magic Train
Episode 45: The Fabulous Safety Game
Episode 43: It's Raining, It's Boring
Episode 41: Bad Luck Friday
Episode 39: Tugs The Brave
Episode 37: Grumpy's Little Friend
Episode 35: The Secret of the Box
Episode 33: King Of The Moon
Episode 31: Cheer's Bears Chance
Episode 29: The Thing That Came to Stay
Episode 27: Gram's Cooking Corner
Episode 25: The Care Bears Exercise Show
Episode 23: The Most Ancient Gift
Episode 21: The Mystery Of The Phantom
Episode 19: Dr. Brightenstein's Monster
Episode 17: The Fountain Of Youth
Episode 15: The Perils Of The Pyramid
Episode 13: The Pirate Treasure
Episode 11: Beautiful Dreamer
Episode 9: The Turnabout
Episode 8: Caring for Spring
Episode 7: The Show Down
Episode 5: The Lost Gift
Episode 4: The Factory of Uncaring
Episode 3: No Business Like Snow Business
Episode 2: Hearts At Sea
Episode 1: The Care Bears Town Parade
Episode 10: The Caring Crystals
Episode 8: Grumpy the Clumsy
Episode 6: The Two Princesses
Episode 4: Desert Gold
Episode 2: Bright Heart's Bad Day
Episode 1: The Wrath of Shreeky
Episode 16: The Cloud of Uncaring
Episode 15: Order on the Court
Episode 14: The All Powerful Mr. Beastly
Episode 13: Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise
Episode 12: Birthday Blues
Episode 11: The Long Lost Care Bears
Episode 10: The Bravest of the Brave
Episode 9: I, Robot Heart
Episode 8: The Camp Out
Episode 7: The Big Star Round-up
Episode 6: The Sleeping Giant
Episode 5: Lost At Sea
Episode 4: Home Sweet Homeless
Episode 3: The Great Race
Episode 2: Grumpy's Three Wishes
Episode 1: Care-A-Lot's Birthday