The Carmichael Show (2015)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: From the comedy of Jerrod Carmichael and Nick Stoller ("Neighbors") comes an irreverent sitcom inspired by Jerrod's relationships with his say-anything, contrarian father, his therapist-in-training girlfriend, his ever-hustling brother and his mother who is always, always, always right with Jesus. Taking the next step and moving in together, Jerrod and his girlfriend, Maxine (Amber West), are your average young couple trying to make it in the city. They’re smart, motivated and looking to build a fulfilling life together. The only thing standing in their way is family. Between Jerrod's larger-than-life brother, Bobby (Lil Rel Howery), and his smothering and passionate parents (David Alan Grier, Loretta Devine), Jerrod and Maxine are put to the test navigating the boundaries of romance, family and sanity. Read More



Episode 13: Gold Diggers
Episode 12: Three Year Anniversary
Episode 11: Low Expectations
Episode 10: Maxine's Sister
Episode 8: Intervention
Episode 7: Morris
Episode 6: Shoot-Up-Able
Episode 5: Cynthia's Birthday
Episode 4: Lesbian Wedding
Episode 3: Grandma Francis
Episode 2: Support The Troops
Episode 1: Yes Means Yes
Episode 13: President Trump
Episode 11: Maxine's Dad
Episode 10: Man's World
Episode 9: Facebook Friends
Episode 8: The Blues
Episode 7: Ex Con
Episode 6: New Neighbors
Episode 5: Gentrifying Bobby
Episode 4: Perfect Storm
Episode 3: The Funeral
Episode 2: Fallen Heroes
Episode 1: Everybody Cheats
Episode 6: Guns
Episode 5: Prayer
Episode 4: Gender
Episode 3: Kale
Episode 2: Protest
Episode 1: Pilot