The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show (1965)


Genre: Animation , Short , Comedy , Family , Sport

Plot: Charlie Brown, his dog Snoopy, and the whole Peanuts gang enter the television world in their very own television series shown weekly, followed by comic strips drawn and written by creator, Charles M. Schulz. With the help of Bill and Lee Melendez, these wonderful comic characters have very different and strange personalities that make each scene very humorous and unique. Character Guide Charlie Brown - Charlie Brown is a boy who has a dull life, and is constantly worrying about everything. He loves playing baseball, but his team never wins a game. There are some strange things happening in his life such as the attitude and actions of his dog, Snoopy and a kite-devouring tree that swallows all of the kites that he tries to fly. He is referred to a "blockhead" or "wishy-washy" and always puts himself down. Whenever he tries to kick a football that Lucy is holding down, she pulls it away, and Charlie goes flying in the air. She also helps Charlie Brown for five cents at her Ps Read More



Episode 5: Sally's Sweet Babboo
Episode 4: Peppermint Patty's School Days
Episode 3: Snoopy's Robot
Episode 2: Snoopy's Brother Spike
Episode 1: Snoopy and the Giant
Episode 13: Lucy Loves Schroeder
Episode 12: It's That Team Spirit, Charlie Brown
Episode 11: Chaos in the Classroom
Episode 10: Snoopy's Football Career
Episode 9: The Lost Ballpark
Episode 8: You Can't Win, Charlie Brown
Episode 7: Snoopy the Psychiatrist
Episode 6: Snoopy: Man's Best Friend
Episode 5: Linus' Security Blanket
Episode 4: Lucy vs. the World
Episode 3: Linus and Lucy
Episode 2: Snoopy: Team Manager
Episode 1: Snoopy's Cat Fight