The Chef Show (2019)


Genre: Documentary , Na

Plot: Actor-meets-director-meets-screenwriter Jon Favreau is teaming up with celebrity chef Roy Choi for a brand new Netflix Originals series entitled The Chef Show. Channeling much of the same energy the duo brought to the arthouse film Chef, the new show seeks to further immerse viewers into the world of food and culture, noting that “making a meal is about more than just food. It’s about appreciating friends, family, and tradition. An opportunity to come together. To learn, to share and to celebrate different flavors, cultures, and people.” Read More



Episode 5: Late Night Burger
Episode 4: Tartine
Episode 3: Jessica Largey
Episode 2: Roy's Italian Cuisine
Episode 1: Milk Bar Bake Sale
Episode 8: Hot Luck
Episode 7: Aaron Franklin
Episode 6: David Chang
Episode 5: Robert Rodriguez / First Friday
Episode 4: Remembering Jonathan Gold
Episode 3: Chef Film Recipes
Episode 2: Avengers Atlanta
Episode 1: Gwyneth Paltrow / Bill Burr