The Circus (2016)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: This documentary series pulls back the curtain on the 2016 presidential race, revealing the intense, inspiring and infuriating stories behind the headlines. Key characters and events from the individual campaigns are presented in real time, as they are happening. Produced in cooperation with Bloomberg Politics, THE CIRCUS is a non-partisan, never-before-attempted take on what promises to be one of the most fascinating and consequential elections in modern history. Read More



Episode 7: Being Green
Episode 6: Persona Non Grata
Episode 5: Dysfunction Junction
Episode 4: Rubber Meets Road
Episode 3: President Biden
Episode 2: Clear and Present Danger
Episode 1: Raining Chaos
Episode 21: Who The F*** Are We?
Episode 20: Landslide?
Episode 19: End Games
Episode 18: Steal This Election
Episode 17: Crisis Mismanagement
Episode 16: October Surprise
Episode 15: Full Court Press
Episode 13: Going Postal
Episode 12: Law and Disorder
Episode 11: Party of One
Episode 10: Unconventional
Episode 8: The Cruelest Month
Episode 7: Super Duper Tuesday
Episode 6: On The Boil
Episode 4: Unfinished Business
Episode 3: Clusterf**k
Episode 2: Closing Arguments
Episode 16: Here Be Dragons
Episode 15: Field of Dreams
Episode 14: The Deep State
Episode 13: The Widening Gyre
Episode 12: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
Episode 11: Impeachmentland
Episode 10: Across the Rubicon
Episode 8: What the F... Happens Next?
Episode 7: To the Left
Episode 6: The Big Split
Episode 5: States Of Emergency
Episode 4: 2020 Is Here
Episode 3: The State of Our Union Is...
Episode 2: Circling Vultures
Episode 1: New World Disorder
Episode 15: Mother(f***er) of All Midterms
Episode 13: Black and White
Episode 12: Senatorial Combat
Episode 11: California Dreaming
Episode 10: The Verdict
Episode 9: Judgment Day
Episode 8: Burden of Proof
Episode 7: The Gathering Storm
Episode 8: Looking Back and Moving On
Episode 7: Learning Curve
Episode 6: The Resistance
Episode 5: Recess Reset
Episode 4: The Whole World is Watching
Episode 3: How's He Doing?
Episode 2: Checking and Balancing
Episode 1: Shocking But Not Surprising
Episode 22: Tale of the Tape
Episode 17: In the Arena
Episode 7: Confidence Game
Episode 6: Fear and Loathing
Episode 3: Tension City
Episode 2: Prisoner's Dilemma
Episode 1: The Outsiders