The Crocodile Hunter (1997)


Genre: Documentary , Action , Adventure , Family , Reality-tv

Plot: The Crocodile Hunter is a wildlife documentary television series that was hosted by Steve Irwin and his wife Terri. The show became a popular franchise due to its unconventional approach and Irwin's approach to wildlife. It spawned a number of separate projects, including the feature film The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course and two television spinoffs: The Crocodile Hunter Diaries and Croc Files. The series has been presented on Animal Planet and has been in international syndication on networks worldwide. Read More



Episode 8: They Shoot Crocodiles Don't They
Episode 6: Ice Breaker
Episode 5: Tigers of Shark Bay
Episode 3: Crocs in the City
Episode 2: Search for a Super Croc
Episode 6: River of the Damned
Episode 3: Casper: The White Crocodile
Episode 2: Croc Hunter Live
Episode 2: Lights! Croc! Action!
Episode 1: Africa's Final Frontier
Episode 6: Tigers of Shark Bay
Episode 2: Casper: The White Crocodile
Episode 1: Africa's Final Frontier
Episode 15: Big Croc Diaries
Episode 10: Dangerous Africans
Episode 7: Reptiles of the Lost Continent (Madagascar)
Episode 2: Journey to the Red Center
Episode 1: Crocodiles of the Revolution
Episode 2: America's Deadliest Snakes
Episode 1: Legends of the Galapagos
Episode 9: Sharks: Outside the Cage
Episode 8: Last Waterholes of the Outback
Episode 7: Where Devils Run Wild
Episode 6: Reptiles of the Deep: Turtles
Episode 4: Crocodile Hunter Wildest Home Videos
Episode 2: Outlaws of the Outback (1)
Episode 1: Return to the Wild
Episode 6: Traveling the Dingo Fence
Episode 4: Suburban Killers
Episode 2: Dinosaurs Down Under
Episode 1: Wild in the USA