The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down (2015)


Genre: Talk-show

Plot: A companion series to “The Curse of Oak Island,” this series gives new viewers a crash course into what “The Curse of Oak Island” is all about. The series features different guests, including interviews and in-depth and thought provoking discussions surrounding “The Curse of Oak Island.” Oak Island has intrigued treasure hunters for hundreds of years, as it is believed to hold one of the greatest treasures of all time, but nobody can find it. Two brothers from Michigan have bought the rights to much of the island so that they can attempt to crack the mystery of the curse and find the treasure. Read More



Episode 7: The Best is Yet to Come
Episode 6: Theories Galore
Episode 5: The Making Of
Episode 4: The Oak Island Connection
Episode 3: Dave Blankenship's Oak Island
Episode 2: Gary Drayton's Top 10 Finds
Episode 1: Hold on to Your Seats
Episode 5: Closer Than Ever
Episode 4: The Shakespeare Connection
Episode 3: William Shatner Meets Oak Island
Episode 2: The Great Feud
Episode 1: Finding Answers
Episode 6: Legacy
Episode 5: The Secret Weapons
Episode 4: The Pirates of Oak Island
Episode 3: The Truth Behind the Curse
Episode 2: Putting the Pieces Together
Episode 1: Nothing Will Stop Them
Episode 1: The Boys are Back
Episode 1: Drilling Down on Season 3
Episode 2: A Look Ahead
Episode 1: The Boys are Back