The Doozers (2013)


Genre: Animation , Family

Plot: In the self-sustainable community of Doozer Creek located just beyond the view of humans, the show focuses on the Doozer Pod Squad (consisting of Daisy Wheel, Flex, Spike, and Mollybolt). Read More



Episode 52: It's a Breeze
Episode 51: Dancing Doodad
Episode 50: Pod Squad Boogey
Episode 49: Project Radish-A-Pult
Episode 48: Doozermahoozit
Episode 47: Hiccup-a-Majig
Episode 46: Starry Night
Episode 45: Enter the Ditzies
Episode 44: Light Where It's Dark
Episode 43: Picture Perfect
Episode 42: Desert Buddies
Episode 41: Mapping Quest
Episode 40: The Gingerbread House
Episode 39: Daisy Wheel on Ice
Episode 38: Podball
Episode 37: Bubbles
Episode 36: Zip It
Episode 35: The Legend of Doozer Creek
Episode 34: Spookypalooza
Episode 33: Doozers Amusers
Episode 32: A Gift for Gimbal
Episode 31: A Sticky Situation
Episode 30: A Windy Wonder
Episode 29: Doozers Re-Users
Episode 28: An Itch You Can't Scratch
Episode 27: Butterfly Away
Episode 26: In a Fog
Episode 25: Up, Up and Away
Episode 24: Jetpack Away
Episode 23: Short Order Doozers
Episode 22: Cake Walk
Episode 21: Follow Your Nose
Episode 20: Tunnel Trouble
Episode 19: Doozer Derby
Episode 18: Catch a Ride
Episode 17: Sky High Doozers
Episode 16: Three's a Team
Episode 15: Doozers on Parade
Episode 14: The Pod Squad Pavilion
Episode 13: The Blue Beaker
Episode 12: The Eggcellent Egg Movers
Episode 11: Home Tweet Home
Episode 10: A Doozer of a Dippleplant
Episode 9: Be-Leaf It
Episode 8: Green Thumbs
Episode 7: Flex Art
Episode 6: Mystery Box
Episode 5: Safe from Sound
Episode 4: Mega Magnet Mover
Episode 3: Detective Doozers
Episode 2: Little Feats
Episode 1: Big Stars