The Facts of Life (1979)


Genre: Comedy , Family

Plot: A group of girls attending a boarding school experience the joys and the trials of adolescence under the guiding hand of housemother Edna Garrett, the Drummonds' maid on Diff'rent Strokes. Later in the series, she is promoted to school dietitian, and four of the girls move into new quarters above the cafeteria. She eventually leaves the school and opens her own business, with help from the girls. Read More



Episode 24: The Beginning of the Beginning
Episode 23: The Beginning of the End
Episode 22: Big Apple Blues
Episode 21: On the Edge
Episode 20: Present Imperfect
Episode 19: Till Marriage Do Us Part
Episode 18: Less Than Perfect
Episode 17: Let's Face the Music
Episode 16: The First Time
Episode 15: A House Divided
Episode 14: Peekskill Law
Episode 13: Something in Common
Episode 12: A Thousand Frowns
Episode 11: Golden Oldies
Episode 10: It's a Wonderful Christmas
Episode 9: Adventures in Baileysitting
Episode 8: A Rose by Any Other Age
Episode 7: The More the Marrier
Episode 6: Up from Down Under
Episode 5: Sweet Charity
Episode 4: Before the Fall
Episode 3: Rumor Has It
Episode 2: Down and Out in Malibu (2)
Episode 1: Down and Out in Malibu (1)
Episode 24: Rites of Passage (2)
Episode 23: Rites of Passage (1)
Episode 22: This is Only a Test
Episode 21: Younger Than Springtime
Episode 20: Ex Marks the Spot
Episode 19: Boy About the House
Episode 18: 62 Pick-Up
Episode 17: Cupid's Revenge
Episode 16: A Winter's Tale
Episode 15: A Star is Torn
Episode 14: Post-Christmas Card
Episode 13: The Greek Connection
Episode 12: Seven Little Indians
Episode 11: Write and Wrong
Episode 10: Where's Poppa?
Episode 9: Fast Food
Episode 8: The Wedding Day
Episode 7: The Ratings Game
Episode 6: The Little Chill
Episode 5: Off-Broadway Baby
Episode 4: Another Room
Episode 3: Ready or Not
Episode 2: Out of Peekskill (2)
Episode 1: Out of Peekskill (1)
Episode 24: The Apartment
Episode 23: The Graduate
Episode 22: Big Time Charlie
Episode 21: The Candidate
Episode 20: The Lady Who Came to Dinner
Episode 19: Atlantic City
Episode 18: Concentration
Episode 17: The Reunion
Episode 16: The Agent
Episode 15: Stake-Out Blues
Episode 14: Tootie Drives
Episode 13: Christmas Baby
Episode 12: Ballroom Dance
Episode 11: We Get Letters
Episode 10: 3, 2, 1
Episode 9: Born Too Late
Episode 8: Come Back to the Truck Stop, Natalie Green, Natalie Green
Episode 7: Doo-Wah
Episode 6: A New Life
Episode 5: Men for All Seasons
Episode 4: Teacher, Teacher
Episode 3: Grand Opening
Episode 2: Into the Frying Pan
Episode 1: Out of the Fire...
Episode 26: The Interview Show
Episode 25: Bus Stop
Episode 24: It's Lonely at the Top
Episode 23: Sisters
Episode 22: The Last Drive-In
Episode 21: Man in the Attic
Episode 20: Gone With the Wind (2)
Episode 19: Gone With the Wind (1)
Episode 18: With a Little Help From My Friends
Episode 17: Two Guys From Appleton
Episode 16: Jazzbeau
Episode 15: Working it Out
Episode 14: Me and Eleanor
Episode 13: Christmas in the Big House
Episode 12: The Rich Aren't Different
Episode 11: Smile
Episode 10: Talk, Talk, Talk
Episode 9: Dear Apple
Episode 8: E.G.O.C. (Edna Garrett on Campus)
Episode 7: Taking a Chance on Love (2)
Episode 6: Taking a Chance on Love (1)
Episode 5: Cruisin'
Episode 4: My Boyfriend's Back
Episode 3: Love at First Byte
Episode 2: Slices of Life
Episode 1: The Summer of '84