The FBI Files (1998)


Genre: Documentary , Biography , Crime , Drama , History , Mystery , Thriller

Plot: Through re-enactments of high profile cases involving the FBI, the show reveals how agents solve these crimes behind the scene. The show producers work with FBI special agents and examiners in high tech crime labs to portrait each case accurately. You will learn how the FBI protects the lives of Americans and brings the most notorious criminals to justice. The FBI was originally established to address crime that covered cities, counties, and spread across state lines. The country needed a federal law-enforcement entity to do those investigations. And over the years, as the country has grown and as the world, by the same token, has grown smaller, the FBI's mission has changed to meet the various threats. Read More



Episode 18: Final Takedown
Episode 17: Bad Company
Episode 16: Sniper at Home
Episode 15: Ivy League Murders
Episode 14: Independence Day Breakout
Episode 13: Robin the Hood
Episode 12: Stolen Identity
Episode 11: Brothers Betrayed
Episode 10: Crackdown
Episode 9: Operation Seaload
Episode 8: Deadly Payout
Episode 7: Death of a Diplomat
Episode 6: Terror for Sale
Episode 5: Rebellion in Paradise
Episode 4: The Shootist
Episode 3: The Great Philadelphia Mob War
Episode 2: Dangerous Cause
Episode 1: Voice of Terror
Episode 18: Operation Goldenrod
Episode 17: Forced Entry
Episode 16: Radical Resistance
Episode 15: Inside the Bureau
Episode 14: Dangerous Takedown
Episode 13: Dangerous Gamble
Episode 12: A Bitter End
Episode 11: No Place to Hide
Episode 10: Atlanta Prison Riots
Episode 9: Killer Instinct
Episode 8: Brotherhood of Hate
Episode 7: The Perfect Heist
Episode 6: Deadly Takeover
Episode 5: The Killing Zone
Episode 4: Radical Agenda
Episode 3: Brutal Abduction
Episode 2: Dead Run
Episode 1: Without Mercy
Episode 18: Deadly Influence
Episode 17: Fateful Crossing
Episode 16: Criminal Enterprise
Episode 15: Broken Trust
Episode 14: Death Pact
Episode 13: Fatal Friendship
Episode 12: Domestic Terror
Episode 11: Dark Woods
Episode 10: The Initiation
Episode 9: Held Hostage
Episode 8: Cruel Revenge
Episode 7: Lawless
Episode 6: Tracks of a Killer
Episode 5: Home Invaders
Episode 4: High Stakes
Episode 3: In Pursuit
Episode 2: Caught in the Act
Episode 1: Price of Greed
Episode 18: Held for Ransom
Episode 17: When Seconds Count
Episode 16: Betrayed
Episode 15: Global Pursuit
Episode 14: Without Remorse
Episode 13: The Coffee Shop Murders
Episode 12: Evil Intent
Episode 11: Deadly Threat
Episode 10: Lost Boys
Episode 9: Death in the Delta
Episode 8: Deadly Secrets
Episode 7: Unlawful Flight
Episode 6: Deadly Heist
Episode 5: Vanished
Episode 4: A Family Torn
Episode 3: Small Town Terror
Episode 2: Hidden Agenda
Episode 1: The Search for Lisa Renee
Episode 18: The C-11 Squad
Episode 17: No Remorse
Episode 16: Hunter's Target
Episode 15: Manhunt
Episode 14: Under Fire
Episode 13: Backstage Murder
Episode 12: Deadly Stranger
Episode 11: Silent Strike
Episode 10: Temple of Fear
Episode 9: Deadly Business
Episode 8: Millionaire Murder
Episode 7: Dishonored
Episode 6: The Predator
Episode 5: Deadly Trail
Episode 4: Terror In Disguise
Episode 3: First and Kennedy Street Crew
Episode 2: Deadly Obsession
Episode 1: Driven to Kill
Episode 18: .22 Caliber Killer
Episode 17: Cop Killer
Episode 16: Deadly Mission
Episode 15: Moving Target
Episode 14: Killer Abroad
Episode 13: Firefight
Episode 12: Master Plan
Episode 11: Family Secrets
Episode 10: Crime Spree
Episode 9: Blood Brothers
Episode 8: Shattered Shield
Episode 7: The Dixie Mafia
Episode 6: Hunter's Game
Episode 5: A Stranger in Town
Episode 4: Cracking the Cartel
Episode 3: Cat and Mouse
Episode 2: Hired Gun
Episode 1: A Model Killer
Episode 13: The True Story of Mississippi Burning
Episode 12: John Gotti: Convicted
Episode 11: The World Trade Center Bombing
Episode 10: Murdering Cowboy
Episode 9: The Unabomber
Episode 8: Melissa Brannen: Missing
Episode 6: The Crazy Don
Episode 5: Deadly Paradise
Episode 4: Death in Alaska
Episode 3: Human Prey
Episode 2: Above the Law
Episode 1: Polly Klaas: Kidnapped