The Flash (1990)


Genre: Action , Crime , Fantasy , Sci-fi

Plot: In a freak accident, police crime scene investigator Barry Allen is struck by lightning and doused in chemicals. Barry discovers that this accident had given him powers, able to move at nearly the speed of sound. With the help of STAR Labs scientist Tina McGee, he learns to control his powers...but when his older brother Jay (a motorcycle cop) is killed in the line of duty, Barry asks Tina to make him a special costume that can withstand the rigors of hyperspeed travel. He sets forth to clean up the streets of Central City as The Flash. Read More



Episode 22: The Trial of the Trickster
Episode 21: Alpha
Episode 20: Good Night, Central City
Episode 19: Done with Mirrors
Episode 18: Twin Streaks
Episode 17: Captain Cold
Episode 16: Deadly Nightshade
Episode 15: Fast Forward
Episode 14: Be My Baby
Episode 13: Tina, Is That You?
Episode 12: The Trickster
Episode 11: Beat the Clock
Episode 10: Sight Unseen
Episode 9: Ghost in the Machine
Episode 8: Shroud of Death
Episode 7: Child's Play
Episode 6: Sins of the Father
Episode 5: Double Vision
Episode 4: Honor Among Thieves
Episode 3: Watching the Detectives
Episode 2: Out of Control
Episode 1: Pilot